Street Angel

Street Angel is an alternative comic book series by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. It was published in 2004 by Slave Labor Graphics, and lasted five issues. In 2005, the issues were collected into a single volume with additional material.

The story takes place in Wilkesborough, the worst ghetto in Angel City. The title character is 11-year-old Jesse Sanchez, "a dangerous martial artist... and the world's greatest homeless skateboarder." She handles ninjas, pirates and hunger with skill, aplomb, and help from her friends. The comic is a satire on superhero comics as well as the Golden Age era with its ridiculous dialog, unexplained characters, and flashy effects. None of the comics share any continuity.

It's a beautifully easy read with amazing art and great little shorts. Although on the surface it may seem light, fun, and adventurous; once deep into the graphic novel Sanchez makes decisions and finds situations that are brutally honest to life and reality.

I love the variety between each comic episode. In one she is fighting time traveling pirates and always Ninjas and in others she is simply battling hunger or cold. In some a manipulative world dominating robot or in others assault rifle wielding cowboys...not to forget delusional Irish cosmonauts or hungry weresharks(I love their history...a werewolf on board a ship stealing souls in the night gets tossed over board and eatin by a great white shark...THUS...the wereshark, BRILLIANT).

I highly recommend...and don't let the pink cover throw you off.

Reviewed by: shea