Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys, The

Well... I know The Fraze has already reviewed this one because the sneaky swag took advantage of the fact that I was out of town and without computer. But none the less we watched it together and I think we hold similar opinions of this amazing little film.

The story is simple but the characters complex. It's a film about forgiveness, a film about friendship, hardship, it's about believing and about letting go. The story twists and turns beautifully united with Todd McFarlane's symbolic artwork and unique heroes.

I loved Jodie Foster and Vincent D'Onofrio in the movie. Especially Vincent and his relationship with the boys. Both were beautifully flawed as bad guys yet hard to hate. Especially Jodie. Vincent wearing a huge straw sun hat in black priest garb coaching soccer was priceless. Checking the eight ball and smoking in the shadows his flaw, but engaging with the boys and nervously giving advice, heart pulling. 

...I agree totally with what Adam says and feel a little beaten to the chase. So check him out for a little more details. I must say one last thing about the story. Move a cougar...thats it. That is the objective and drive of the story. But things are amazingly not that simple as they encounter ghosts, evil nuns, bad brothers, and secrets that rot the very soul. Get the sword to the pearl and the cougar to the school, come on you alter boys, live a little dangerously.

Reviewed by: shea