Fables #1 Legends in Exile

Fairy tales are real. They have a life of their own. Unfortunately, most of the fairy tale lands have been taken over by a villain known as the Adversary. As a result, the characters have fled to our world where they lead a hidden existence in New York. Most have been here for centuries. The main settlement is a colony on Bullfinch street. King Cole is in charge but Snow White really runs things. The sheriff is the Big Bad Wolf (a.k.a. Bigby).
The fairy tales are divided into two groups. The normals that live in and amongst the humans of New York and the animals that must live on a hidden farm Upstate. Many of the animals that have the money will get a witch to make them a secret potion granting them human form in order live amongst the "Mundies" unnoticed. Also no matter what you were like in your past life every fairy tale character gets a fresh slate and full pardon of what crimes they might have committed in the other world. Sometimes this is hard for the characters to accept especially when the Big Bad Wolf who long ago blew your house down is now trotting around as Sheriff disguised in a magical human form.

As with every good story's beginning there is a murder. Snow White's sister Rose Red has disappeared leaving behind a blood soaked apartment but not a body to be found. Bigby must try and solve the murder while the community is planning for their annual festival where they raise the money needed to operate for another year.

Jack the Giant Killer, Prince Charming, the Three Pigs, Bluebeard, Little Boy Blue, Beauty and the Beast, and many many others come together in this wonderful treatment of fairy tales. Even the real boy Pinocchio makes an appearance as a bitter forever child on the hunt for the fairy who granted him his wish too literally.

It's an amazingly creative tale with twists and turns that keep the pages turning. The concept is brilliant and beautifully executed. It's also cool to see your childhood stories now in a relateable environment and very adult situations. This is an amazing read and I highly recommend it. I immediately went out and bought the next saga of this series.

Reviewed by: shea
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Squib said...
Man, this comic actually sounds pretty good. I am not much for comic books or graphic novels, but I have always liked fairy tales. I especially like dark fairy tale movies.
I'd heard good things about Jack of Fables and intended to buy that comic until I found out it was a spin-off of Fables. I picked this one up instead and I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent balance between drama and whimsy. The big bad wolf sometimes sounded contrived in his hard-boiled-speak, but overall he was an excellent anti-hero who could literally back his bark up with some bite.

I'll pick up the rest of the series when time and my meager cash funds allow it.