Death Sentence
Nick Hume is a mild-mannered executive with the stereo typical suburban life, until one gruesome night he witnesses something that changes him forever. At a gas station his son is brutally murdered in a young gang member's right of passage. Transformed by grief, Hume eventually comes to the disturbing conclusion that no length is too great in seeing justice served, especially after the murderer will only see 2-5 years.
Kevin Bacon takes the law into his own hands erupting a gang war that will ultimately destroy his way of life as we knows it.

If the land of movies was a theme park and the individual movies the rides themselves...well Death Sentence is the roller coaster that you pass by time and time again while walking to the really good rides. At the end of the day on your way out of the park you decide "what the heck, there isn't even a line".

There was one amazing little sequence of shots which involves Kevin Bacon pushing a car off the top of a parking deck and climbing out the broken windshield as it drops off the edge. I think it is in the trailer.

TOO many scenes were trying TOO hard to be dramatic. James Wan was forcing scenes down our throats and hoping we'll care.

Kevin Bacon wasn't bad. John Goodman's characters was pointless. Garrett Hedlund was actually amazing has the gang leader Billy Darley. I remember him only from Friday Night Lights and the youngest from Four Bothers. I had to look him up in IMDB to figure out who he was. He played the role to a T and I enjoyed seeing him throw his weight around.

Most of the action had three seconds of COOL sprinkled through minutes of LAME. Again Wan tries to hard at making you care. It's like the little friend that wants you to pay attention so much that he pulls on your shirt and shouts your name until you eventually just ignore him all together.

While riding on this roller coaster called Death Sentence it's exactly what you expect. A rusty jolty ride that takes you around the corners to sharp and slams on the breaks a little hard. While trying to be a big boy DEATH SENTENCE despite a few good drops is exactly what you expected...a disappointment.
Reviewed by: shea