Fables #2 Animal Farm

The second volume of the series called "Fables" carries on the unique perspective of how refugee fairy tales live hidden lives in our world hiding from the Adversary that has taken over theirs. Most of the characters live in one of two areas. There is the community in New York City and the Farm in upstate New York. The farm is where most of the non-human-looking fables stay. Snow White, who is a crucial political leg for the hidden community, is going for her regular visit to the farm. She is taking her sister Rose Red in hopes that they can mend some of their differences.

Once on the farm Snow discovers that there is dissent. Many of the animals feel that the farm is a prison. Because of their inhumanness they are forced to stay within it's boundaries. They want to take over. They are modifying stolen modern weapons for use by non-humans and hope to eventually retake their homelands. Unfortunately this will not be a bloodless revolution.
The three pigs, br'er Rabbit, Sheer Khan, the Three Bears, Cock Robin, Chicken Little, Goldie Locks and many others come together in this tale of revolution.

While "Legends in Exile" was a wonderful opening story for "Fables," it's here that the series really begins to hit its stride. The artwork is beautiful and the story is imaginative and original.

Reviewed by: shea
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Avid Andy said...
these sound really umm interesting. i think i will have to check one out from the sheamus library and see what it's about.