This was interesting choice for me. My sole reason for netflixing it was of course Frank Potente who is becoming my favorite actress(especially after Princess and the Warrior) and my simple love affair with creature movies.

Leaving a rockin party late one night, Kate passes out while waiting for her subway train. She awakens to find herself trapped in the London underground, with all the doors locked for the evening. While being attacked by an obsessed co-worker who has followed her, a mysterious unseen creature drags him away and kills him. Thus begins a terrifying night, as Kate, a young homeless couple, and a sewage cleaner are stalked through the dark tunnels by a man more creature than human.

The opening scene was awesome. Two sewage cleaners patrolling the dark tunnels deep under the city. As expected one is picked off and the other disappears.
We cut to Franka being the life of a party shifting through crowd finishing off champagne and jonesing for some blow.

Although obviously not her best movie, Franka still carries even this B horror flick with grace and beauty across all the rough spots thick and thin. She was the star and the glue that held this movie together.

Far far from a terrible movie, Creep is more of a disappointment than anything. Especially after you have tasted it's potential. A mix between The Decent and The Hills Have Eyes the creature that lurks the deep dark tunnels is visually cool, creepy, and interesting. It's his origin that gets a little uncomfortable and rhyme and reasons that get a little wacky. Like I said the director/writer had so much potential here to make a simple clean amazing creature movie but tries too hard to deliver just enough but giving way too much.

Ooooo, but I did love how it ended! I love the beginning, the end, and Franka.
Definitely not a waste of time but obviously not a must see.

Reviewed by: shea