Office, The: Season 1

Was cruising through the room where my roommate watches TV(also known as living room in most common households) last night and couldn't help but notice Steve Carell on the tube. " this The Office?"

I've heard so much about this show from soooo many people that I couldn't help and sit for awhile....or for the entire season one in two sittings. 

I must say I really enjoy the show. I love the documentary style filmmaking and the constant sideways glances at the camera. I love obviously the characters and situations they face that in some way or another we relate to. Can anyone say Diversity Day?

My favorite character is Jim. I don't know this for a fact but I am pretty sure he is everyone's character particularly in the female crowd. So i join your ranks.
I think Pam is hot. I am in love with her. There I said it.

Dwight is cool. I love his always watching eyes and his nervous prone to geekdom. I love is face guard in basketball and his alliance with Jim. He's hilarious.
Steve's character makes me feel very very awkward. Uncomfortably so. So much I almost can't even watch. 

Everyone else in the office I love for their weird little quirks and their funny little faces.

My favorite scene in the entire season is when Jim loses his biggest client to Dwight who completely undermined him. It was the sale he was banking on...20% of his commission. THE YEAR IS RUINED. But in the Diversity Day meeting Pam falls asleep on his shoulder and he completely forgets and lets go of the loss totally without even knowing. What matters most was suddenly put into perspective without him even having to make the conscious shift. And the best part is Pam probably didn't even mean to. Awwwwww I love it when little truths in life that are so beautifully captured.

Seems to be a great show. Enjoy it thus far...and I dont want to hear how much better the British one is. My roommate owns that one too so I will be the judge. Well can let me know if you want. But I am in love with Pam and I can already tell I will like her better than Dawn.

Reviewed by: shea