30 Days of Night #1

At Dragon*Con I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Niles the creator of 30 Days of Night so I felt it was my geeklihood duty to take up the cross and garlic to follow him through the pages.

A brood of vampires descends upon a quiet Alaskan town as the sun sets before 30 days of darkness.
The concept is pain stakingly brilliant. There has to be at least 50 thousand people beating their heads at the concept, shaking their fists at Steve Niles for beating them to the punch.

The art work smeared and moody, the characters simple and brief, the book quick and easy. Steve's(if i may call him Steve) vampires are brutal and monstrous, just plain evil and out for the food. No conversions, no survivors. It was a cool breeze to my reading eye to see a non seducing unsexy vampiracle creature. Anne Rice eat your heart out.

My complaints on the comic are brief yet piercing. The story only feels like a night passed yet it's supposed to be happening in 30. Once the creatures show up the speed and fury of their attacks rival the orcs of Lord of the Rings. 

It seems the story could have been a lot creepier, better paced, and more interesting if the vampires would've thought about hunting their prey instead of mindlessly tearing down every door in the town. And don't call me a hypocrite. When saying I was glad they're more monstrous than sexy I was talking about their hunger and lack of mercy...the no prisoner, no conversion mentality. Not the savage orcish, mindless rumblings.
All that to say I felt the story was a bit short and a little under developed. BUT fear not, the ending swoops in to save the day. A perfect ending with a perfect bloody bow. With almost a zombish concept our hero makes the sacrifice to save his town and saves the day as the sun comes up.

An enjoyable quick read. The movie has potential based on what I've read from the source material. Steve Niles was also involved with the script and he says he's very pleased. SO...maybe we'll be as well.

Reviewed by: shea
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Andy said...
I loved the artwork and original story of this. I think it was maybe the second graphic novel I ever read. I enjoyed it.