30 Days of Night #2: Dark Days
Dark Days continues the story which was thought to have ended in Barrow, Alaska. The graphic novel picks up exactly where its predecessor ends. Revenge plagues redemption in this harrowing tale of a wife's quest for justice and plan to expose the vampire race that's been hiding for centuries behind the curtain of mythology and disbelief.

From the dark snowing slopes of Alaska to the sunny coast of Los Angeles, Stella's quest for justice takes her through book signing massacres, zombies, bug eaters, and...even love?

The most interesting character in this story is a vampire who straddles the lines between light and dark.
Although Steve Niles in my opinion is not the best writer, his concepts and ideas are the strength of his comics. I had my doubts about the series being able to stand on it's own after the first Alaskan concept but Niles carries his baby well enough to leave me thirsty for #3.

Once again it's an interesting series. If you are gonna start I would start now before the movie comes out.
Reviewed by: shea
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Shea said...
i liked the whole (well i don't want to give anything away)...the remains she was after and then the last page... can't wait to read the next one.
Josh said...
I happened to be lucky enough to get my hands on every book in this series recently and I'm hooked. I'm not even about to give anything away, but yeah. They just keep getting better and better. I was mildly anticipating the flick, but now I cannot wait to see it!