Robot Chicken Season 1
As with many great things in my life I was introduced to Robot Chicken by my faithful companion Adams.

When trying to explain what Robot Chicken is I simply say "a cracked out Saturday Night Live with random and unrelated topics all encompassed in a no limits stop animation parade."

One of the beauties of Robot is that everything comes at you so fast and if a gag doesn't hit home it'll be over in seconds and on to the next skit.

From pop-culture, politics, and the simple everyday you; Robot makes fun of everything using only action figures. Some of the best skits take heroes and put them through everyday situations and problems. For example Lex Luthor and Skeletor stuck in traffic. Or the boxed cereal heroes illegally dealing a white powder commonly known as sugar.

The animation is amazing. Seth Green and crew are very very talented and with each episodes short run time and high speed sketches it's hard to stop watching, "Just one more, just one more". For anyone who hasn't already discovered the Chicken and appreciates this type of humor...check it.
Reviewed by: shea