Kingdom, The
A team of U.S. investigators edge their way into the unwelcoming Middle East set out to find the perpetrators behind a deadly attack to US and Saudi citizens.

I didn't have high expectations for this film. The subject matter is personally not that appealing. But amidst my preconceptions and judgments The Kindom has it's moments.

Ashraf Barhom playing Colonel Faris was absolutely amazing. The best thing the movie had to offer.

Jennifer Garner blew me away. She went above and beyond any expectation I had for her. Garner was originally one of the reasons I didn't even want to bother with this movie.

I was also surprised at how emotionally into the story I became. This movie isn't typically my cup of tea but to be honest I was completely absorbed. My fingers gripping tightly to the arm rest. That's a huge compliment.

Actor/Director Peter Berg touches on the style of Paul Greengrass with the shaky multi-angle hand cam. Many of you might recognize his work from Friday Night Lights which in my opinion is the best football movie conceived.

Berg pulled a lot of his style and mood from the Texas football drama. Even the music seemed to have been from the same loin.

It's faults? Eh...I think many elements of the movie were forced. The difference between terrorist and decent Muslims being one. The first thirty minutes of the movie paints a bold and bloody picture of a violent Muslim way of life. Then as if I needed the education we are taken on a musical montage of a peaceful Muslims way of life. I think there's a better way of going about this. The montage was forced and awkward, stumbling with the pace of the film.

Jason Bateman...exactly as I expected him to be...the typical comic relief, rock T- shirt wearing, baseball hat sport'n, unarmed FBI non combatant which clashes stereotypically with the silent, tough, cool Garner. Whatever Bateman...we get it.
Jamie Fox was also Jamie Fox. The tough guy leader who pushes them through the times of tough, yells, grunts, and fights his way like any noble determined American hero will. Thank you Jamie but you've won your Oscar.

I enjoyed my time in The Kingdom despite its faults. If halfway interested then I recommend. I didn't have any interest and I came out for the most part satisfied...
Reviewed by: shea