A lonely waitress(Ashley Judd) hides from her past living in a dirty old motel room sleeping every night in fear that her abusive, recently paroled ex-husband(Harry Connick Jr.) might find her.
She begins a tentative romance with Peter(Michael Shannon), an eccentric, nervous drifter as she starts to feel hopeful again and almost normal until the first bugs arrive.

William Friedkin's (The Exorcist, The French Connection, The Hunted, Blue Chips) Bug is a beautiful decent of two lovers' sanity. The film delves into two peoples hurts and fears and picks away the scab of reality drawing on the dark fluid of paranoia that contagiously lies within us all.

Judd was amazing. A completely new role for her. Similar to Theron she has completely demasked her beauty giving us the gritty real of a trashed forgotten woman.
I don't recommend this movie for everyone or anyone really. But I nervously admit I thought it was a great film.
Reviewed by: shea