30 Days of Night
                                                   Before I start I want you to know that although I'm about to go into all the great things about this movie I'm still going to give it a relatively low rating. Why? I dont know...it was a very unusual viewing experience. I remember while watching the movie having specific moments of dissatisfaction and frustration. Partly because I've read the comics and secondly I just wasn't feeling some of the creative decisions.

  The movie is crazy, intense, and extremely hard core. After it was over I was trying to discuss my likes and dislikes. I simply could not remember what was my beef. I still felt a void of satisfaction. I could remember the distaste but not the reason. So I guess this a compliment for the film. Although it's far from flawless the movie forces you through like cow into hamburger. The film left you on the edge of your seat remembering nothing but what the filmmaker wants you to remember.

  With the swipe of an ax or the convulsion of the damned 30 Days of Night takes you through another level of vampiracle evolution.

  In Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town in the U.S, the winter sun sets and does not rise for 30 days and nights. Here in this town is where vampires lose the sex appeal and become an animal, a true creature of the night hunting it's prey like lion on gazelle.

  Josh leads the last surviving humans from building to building, food to food, and generator to generator with the end of the month only a thin beam of hope at the end of a long dark tunnel.

  In comparison to the comic the movie did a couple things better. The movie did an great job in showing a town's total destruction. With some amazing bird's eye views we literally see a town being torn apart.
  Another bonus was actually feeling the 30 days. In the comic all the action feels like one night while in the movie I left a month older.

  Of course the comic is better but the movie does a good job carrying the torch. Maybe making itself a little more complicated than it needed to be, maybe thinking I didn't catch the concept, or maybe at times a little too forced. But for the most part it's a hell of ride through 2 hours of night. Like I said...I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie. I even screamed out...really screamed out in scenes. But I just can't justify anything higher than...
Reviewed by: shea
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Nick said...
I saw this one in theater... a movie hasn't made me more uncomfortable (not even the Saw movies). The vamps were truly unsettling. I agree with you, though, that there were some things about the movie that bugged me, but I can't really pinpoint most of them. However, I only had a few real issues with the movie that I can pinpoint...

1) Ben Foster's character was underused, which is sad. It was such a good character, and then he just... disappears. Supposedly dead.

2) I disagree with you on it feeling like 30 days. To me, it felt all lumped together like one or two nights at most... because it almost felt highly improbable being stuck in the same positions for 2 weeks straight. There was just something about the length of time in each place that bugged me.

3) The ending. This just ruined the movie for me, and the biggest reason I didn't go out and buy the DVD. The whole movie sets up this big fight, especially after the one dude is given blood to start turning in able to better fight them... and it takes like... 5 seconds! It was so anticlimactic. They punch each other once or twice, and then he punches through the vamp's head (I believe) and it's over... and all the other vamps run away. Lame.
Shea said...
Yeah...as far as it feeling like 30 days I was comparing it to the comic which only felt like 30 minutes.

The ending doesn't bother me se much either. I guess I knew it was coming because of the comic.

I agree with you on Ben Foster. In the comic he does play a bigger role.
Josh said...
I loved the books and I liked the movie, but as much as I was hoping they would, they just didn't capture the feel of the comics. I agree that the movie made it feel like their ordeal was longer. I remember reading the comics and was surprised that it had taken place over thirty nights, and then realized I was an idiot.

And the biggest problem with the film has to be the fight. It just went down waaaay too fast. You're gearing up for some vintage good guy vs bad guy throw down action and then -- bam! Hartnett punches the dudes head out and game over. Eh, it's still a better horror flick than those godawful Saw flicks they keep making.