Big Trouble in Little China
Kurt Russell plays hard-boiled truck driver Jack Burton, who gets caught in a bizarre conflict within, and underneath, San Francisco's Chinatown. An ancient Chinese prince and Chinatown crime lord has kidnapped a beautiful green-eyed woman, who is the fiancee to Jack's best friend. Jack must help his friend rescue the girl before the evil Lo Pan uses her to break the ancient curse that keeps him a fleshless and immortal spirit.

A ridiculous movie directed by one of my old school favorites, John Carpenter. It's visual eye candy as the classic puppets, monsters, and camera tricks plague every sushi corner of "Little China". The film carries a certain creative air that in my opinion only three filmmakers can stand and bow. Carpenter, Cronenberg, and Lynch have very similar styles concerning their early 70s and 80s special effects. They are obviously very different story tellers but visually I think there films compliment one another.

I loved the floating eye monster thingy that Russel shoots at and his friend later stabs. The creature was probably my favorite creation and most interesting character...of course following Russell.

Kurt Russell was an all talk no ball roughneck. I love how he's the hero you root for but he really did nothing heroic. Everything by luck, accident, or REFLEX. His attempts at bravery were not for lack of trying as he stumbles to victory with his one liners and bumbling brawny swag.

An amazing movie and a highly enjoyable first time experience.

Here are a couple of the great ones.

Jack Burton: Ok, you people! Sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back by dawn... call the president.

When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, looks you crooked in the eye and asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like that: "Have ya paid your dues, Jack?" "Yessir, the check is in the mail."

Jack Burton: Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right in the eye and says, "Give me your best shot. I can take it."
Reviewed by: shea