Fables #4 March of the Wooden Soldiers
This fourth volume of the collected Fables includes the one-shot special The Last Castle as well as the March of the Wooden Soldiers story arc.

In The Last Castle, Boy Blue relates to Snow White what happened on the last day in Fable lands as the final defenders fought the Adversary and the last boat escaped to our world. Among the cast were Robin Hood and his men, King Pellinore, The Red Cross Knight, Red Riding Hood and many others.

In main story arc, contact has been made from the fable lands as someone has come through the Canadian gate. While King Cole and Fabletown want to celebrate the new arrival, Bigby is very suspicious of the new arrival.

But there is more. Prince Charming begins moving ahead in his bid to run for mayor. King Cole is overjoyed at the sudden surplus of money from Bluebeard's holdings.

But there is still more. Agents of the Adversary have also made it to our world and they are preparing to march on Fabletown. They are numerous and nearly unstoppable. Technology and magic will be used to defend the free Fables from this new menace.

#4 is yet another great edition to the Fable comics. I was sucked in from page one as a bloody history lesson launches the story and left hungry for more as we are buttoned up with an epic battle in NYC at the end. I highly recommend picking up this series. Extremely well written and strategically illustrated. The characters that we all know and love are flipped completely upside down and reintroduced as real live beings with real live problems. The band of Fables that have escaped the invasion of their homelands battle to save their, community, lives, and relationships. A beautiful piece of art and a brilliant series.
Reviewed by: shea
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Martha said...
i really do love the look of the illustrations. as i said before... this series might just have to be my introduction to the world of graphic novels.

Shea said...
...and a good introduction it would be. Just go to your local B&N...they probably have it.