Fido seems the world has suffered a massive outbreak of zombieism due to a cloud of space dust that's covered our planet. This dust results in every dead body on the planet to be reanimated. Anytime a human kicks the bucket they immediately turn undead resulting in the tragic Zombie Wars causing many harsh years on our planet. Fathers killing fathers, sons killing mothers, and Great Great Gran Pappy climbing out of the grave and lumbering home for dinner...literally.

But one fateful day a brilliant scientist invents a zombie collar that once applied to the necks of a zombie they become tame and docile losing their drive for human flesh.

In the years that follow a perimeter is formed around every living city keeping the increasing hordes of undead at bay. These untamed areas between cities are called The Wastelands. But within the cities is where our story takes place. Here collared zombies are treated as servants. The number of zombies owned shows a family's level of social status and class. But as with all human inventions that try to contain the laws of nature...somehow life...i mean...the dead find a way.

The TONE of Fido would be a mix between Shaun of the Dead, Dennis the Menace, and maybe...Pleasentville?
The world of the film seems to take place in a fictional 50s era town called Willard. Our hero Timmy is neglected by his father who refuses to show emotion(hmmm zombie) to his son nor love to his wife. Carrie Anne Moss plays the mother who is absolutely brilliant. I don't believe I've ever seen this side of the actress. She was beautiful, quirky, and fun to watch as she tries to hold her little family together. Embarrassed by their lack of a zombie(especially after the Chief Security Officer at ZomCon moves in next door)she buys a zombie, dresses him in her husbands old suits, and shows him the chores of the house.
Eventually Timmy finds a best friend in the zombie who he eventually names Fido. But one day while playing catch Fido's collar temporarily breaks resulting in a zombie out break within the city walls. Will Timmy lose his best friend?! Will the zombies take over the city!? Will Timmy's mother ever find love in the eyes of her husband!?...or will she find them in the eyes of a ZOMBIE!?
All these questions and more are answered within this quirky little genre film that takes a deeper look at the similarities between the living and the dead.
Reviewed by: shea