Bad Taste
I am so excited about this post. I netflixed the movie on the attraction of a "B" alien invasion flick, unique story concept, cool cover art, and one of Peter Jackson's earliest films. At my core I just wanted to dig up something that studies the roots of an epic movie mastermind.

Director Peter Jackson shot the film on weekends over a four-year period with friends playing the lead roles. Jackson funded most of the film himself. There was never a script for the movie; each scene was filmed from ideas the director had come up with during the week. Does this sound familiar to anyone else you know?
Bad Taste doesn't have the most scientific or complex plot. It involves aliens from another planet that are disguised as humans--acting more like zombies, but they move a lot faster and are handy with hammers, machetes and automatic weapons. The aliens are here for one thing only... hamburger meat--made from humans! They have already completely massacred an entire town and plan to do the same to the rest of the world! Now, it's up to a couple of goofball assassins to save humanity and take these extra-terrestrial psychos head on... God help us all!(ha...thanks Amazon for your prayers)

I expected to just pop the movie in for only about 30 minutes before bed (some people read before bed, I watch movies on my laptop...on my chest). I wanted a quick appetizer before bed and then expected to force my way through the film over the next couple of nights which victoriously would result in me finally being able to say "Yeah I saw that one...whatever...check it out at least to respect the starving filmmakers of the world".

After the first 5 minutes I was completely hypnotized by Jackson's skill and his ability to follow through with a vision. Bad Taste is amazing. Jackson's shots, direction, and scene coverage was flawless. I mean don't get me wrong, the move was made with absolutely no money and it shows but somehow through the flimmaker's poetic eye and combustive ambition he captures an amazing little film that inspires the imagination. Jackson makes nothings into somethings for an hour and half of over the top movie mayhem. Peter Jackson has encapsulated cinema at it's purest form.
I cannot express how much this film means to me. I absolutely love and respect Bad Taste for everything it means and all that it flickers for. I highly highly recommend.
Reviewed by: shea