Two of the great comic book professionals of our generation(Claremont writing and Miller behind the pencil) have teamed up to bring much needed life to a character that was becoming a little watered down. The fact that this story idea was created and plotted as Claremont and Miller were driving back from the San Diego comic book convention probably helped fuel some of the angst that has sparked the defibulation of Logan's character.
This story cements Wolverine as a Samurai without a master, and shows us one of his greatest loves, the tragic Mariko Yashida, who is forced into marriage with a lust gusty crime lord.

I wasn't as big on Claremont's writing as I expected. I felt he was trying to be Miller, using Frank's stylistic inner dialogue and dripping black narrative. I would've liked to have seen what Miller would've done pounding the keys or at least Claremont's creative a little less Sin Cityish...I'm just saying if you are going to write like Miller just freakin let Miller do it.

The art was good. Had an old comic feel. Simple colors with bold Silluettes. Although maybe not as dark as Miller's other work you can still see traces of Marv and Dwight throughout the frames. Miller lives in a raw creative world and that's what I love about him most. His heroes might be invincible but at least they bleed and make bleed.
This comic was given to me as a birthday present. Hard back special edition baby. It may seem like I'm complaining but I enjoyed every cell.

Reviewed by: shea
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Martha said...
you like blood a lot, huh?
*(asterisk) said...
Hmm, I treasure my Weapon X hardback, so I know where you're coming from here. Shame the story wasn't all you were hoping for, though. Personally, I always quite like Claremont on the X-Men, back in -- what? -- the mid-80s. Wow, I'm old! Think I've got an issue signed by him and John Romita Jr somewhere.
Shea said...
Yeah...it might not have been what I was wanting from the story but I dont think it was a back pedal for wolverine at all. Frankly I didnt think he had it in him.
angelsarentfree said...
Wolverine is a bad mofo...he rocks.