Cigarette Burns
Cigarette Burns is directed by one of my early favorites, John Carpenter. The film is about an in debt theater owner and vintage film finder named Kirby Sweetman (Norman Reedus, you know him...Boondock Saints, Blade 2) obsesses over a lost cinematic treasure called LE FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE. This film was screened only once because its premiere turned the movie theatre into a madhouse of killing and violence. As Kirby goes to great lengths to track down this notorious film, he starts to have hallucinations of dangerous proportions.

The movie marries the POWER of images with the MAGIC of cinema. The films execution might not be as crisp as I'd have expected but the concept is soooo unusual, creative, and...shall I say disturbing? I'm not referring to the images and power theme but more of what Carpenter has chosen to place on the frames this cursed Le Fin Absolue Du Monde...this concept is the beating pulse of Burns. It's this aspect that separates it's story from any other.

Pitched in a nut shell Cigarette Burns delivers well executed gore, original concepts, and a short run time that quickly builds to a climatic ending satisfactory enough for any avid lover of the genre. I see no reason why this couldn't be a love at first viewing for any Carpenter fan. Quirky interesting characters and plot points painted roughly on a canvas of a truly amazing concept. I'm not saying Cigarette Burns is perfect...I'm just saying there's respect.

This film is not for everyone but if your puppy ears have perked then definitely...
Reviewed by: shea