Fables #5 The Mean Seasons

After the secret NYC battle in last issues, March of the Wooden Soldiers, you would think things would be looking up for the legends in exile. But the inevitable election that puts King Cole on the streets and Prince Charming in charge knocks the community out of balance and sends centuries of structure down the drain.

There are some interesting issues in the number 5 graphic novel. Ichabod Crane's execution is the opening act which follows deeper into the true identity of Cinderella and her relationship with Bigby the Big Bad Wolf. 

The next two issues follow one of Bigby Wolf's missions during World War II. Like most science fiction involving World War II, the Nazis are once again researching the occult and science for secret weapons against the Allies. Dirty Dozen meets Where Eagles Dare married by the American Werewolf in London. Some of the best issues are these seemingly unrelated history lessons where we are reminded of how long the Fables have been hiding among us. 

The four-part arc The Mean Seasons takes place over the course of a year, with each issue occurring in one of the four seasons. 

The Big Bad Wolf and Snow White have their children but due to the inhuman appearance of most of the children she must reside at The Farm with the other inhuman Fables. Sucks for Bigby because he isn't allowed to visit due to his actions against many of the Farm's residents back in the Homelands. This results in Bigby's self exiliation(made this word up) and disappearance into the world of men. 

With the downward spiral of the Fabletown government in full swirl a mysterious invisible figure begins killing Fabletown and Farm residents. Will the new government be able to solve the crimes and stop the killings before more of our childhood favorites die?
All this and more combined into one issue. I love this series. It may sound silly or weird hearing about your favorite childhood Fables killing, cursing, or being executed..LOL but the series is very creative and written extremely well. Martha I am counting on you to soon be a follower. You too Z.

Reviewed by: shea
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Josh said...
Fables is an awesome series. But you should check out Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis and published by Vertigo. It's definitely worth a read or two. It's basically about a Hunter S. Thompson-esque reporter living in a dystopian futuristic society. It's easily one of the best comic series I've ever read. Up there with anything by Moore or Miller.

Also you should give Preacher a read. It's also another classic Vertigo series.
Shea said...
Read some of Preacher when I trying to find alternates away from John Constantine(these were cool).
Definitely gonna check out Transmetropolitan. Its on the list.
Avid Andy said...
it's up to you when i become a folower. you'd better not leave the country without giving them to me. the covers look incredible.

Martha said...
to ditto what z said... i'm hooked just looking at the covers. and i don't think it's silly to imagine all my childhood favorites in new scenarios... i do it on my own in dreams all the time.

don't worry... i'll be a follower. if i move i out there, it'll be the first thing i check out. if i don't... i'll have to figure out where to get my hands on that stuff here.

damn i hope i get to go out there.