Batman: Ego and Other Tails

Ego and Other Tails is a compilation of Darwyn Cooke's early Batman stories. Many of you may know Cooke from his iconic and hugely successful series, New Frontier. Having read Cooke at the height of his game and loving his perspective of Batman, I couldn't resist visiting his older tales of the Dark Knight.


Ego digs deep into the psyche of Bruce Wayne as he battles the demonic personification of himself. Probably the most overrated of the stories, I would be lying if I didn't admit being a little let down. Fortunately, the remaining stories in the compilation carry the weight needed to appease my Batman appetite.


Also included in the collection is a solo tale of Catwoman called Selina's Big Score. With barely two frames of Batman to be found, Selina carries the story with an entirely new perspective of Gotham City. I love Cooke's introduction of a new villain, Stark, to the Batman universe. Stark is still another addition to the Gotham underworld, yet his character carries a deep thread laced throughout many of the well established story arcs. Unlike Falcone, his love for Selina and envy towards the bat make him a likeable evil. Selina's Big Score is a very well written and an interesting story. It's definitely the hidden gem of this collection.


There are probably half a dozen other three to four page shorts, all worth reading and equally exciting. There are even guest artist appearences from famous Batman creators like Tim Sale. What I love about Cooke's work is his cinematic eye and noirish style. Although simple, his pages are filled with the detail and composition needed to bring the story to life.

Reviewed by: shea
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Tanner said...
Yeah, I agree Ego was a bit overrated. Especially to have it as the cover title and YES Selina's Big Score was aweseom.

I also like the Deja Vu one as well as Monument.

Becky said...
I haven't read Ego yet, but I have read Selina's Big Score - definitely liked that one.
Adam said...
I loved this one - Darwyn Cooke has become one of my favorite writers/artists almost instantly. Loved the "Ego" story, as well as "Selina's Big Score - and the short but sweet "Date Knight."

I love that interpreation of Catwoman - and would love to see that in the next batman movie. I enjoyed pretty much everything this book had to offer, though the black and white parts were slow.