What can I say about WALL*E? Well, let's start with the plot. 700 years after humans left Earth, one lone robot, WALL*E, is still active and roaming around with his cockroach buddy, making giant cities out of garbage and watching old musicals, hoping for a significant other of his own. But then, one day, a ship shows up and drops off Eve, a scout robot that is there to do a routine check for life of any kind. WALL*E immediately falls in love and spends the rest of the movie trying to hold Eve's hand, even after following her back into space and to the space colony of the last humans, who have become beyond fat and lazy.

Pixar took a lot of risks with this movie, for numerous reasons:

1) There's very little dialogue.

2) There's mixing of computer animation and live action.

3) It's relatively (and unexpectedly) dark with a high level of social commentary.

4) The story is primarily a love drama with some physical comedy thrown in.

     And I have to say, they pulled each and every one of them off with flying colors. The small amount of talking works very well, and you get used to it immediately. It apparently did it well enough that it didn't even bore the smaller children that were in my theater, because I never heard a peep from any of them. The mixing of animation and live action, though it's not extensive, worked well. The last time I saw this was with Happy Feet, and it felt incredibly out of place. Here, it works very well and is almost seamless. The social commentary is very in-your-face, but I love movies with social commentary, so it was just another layer of awesome for me. Finally, the movie had the perfect amount of physical comedy to fit the tone of the movie. It wasn't overdone at all. And the romance built up gradually, as the relatively uncaring Eve slowly begins to care for WALL*E. It was cute, funny, and warming.

     The animation of the movie is amazing. It was simply stunning, really (well, the humans were average, but everything else was stunning). From the moment the movie opens up on the city made of compact garbage, placed against a desert landscape, I knew I was in for a visual treat. And simultaneously, as the view is on this, the music playing over it is so haunting. The soundtrack to the movie was almost as brilliant as the animation. It could go from haunting to whimsical to musical-soundtrack and back again, and it was just wonderful.

     I cared for all the characters, including the more secondary ones like the cockroach and M-O. I also loved how, from the moment WALL*E gets onto the AXIOM space colony, every accidental thing he does ends up having some kind of huge impact. If the movie could have done anything better, I think it could have played up that aspect a bit more.

     But otherwise, I think this movie is almost perfect. I tried to think, on my 20 minute drive home from the movie theater, of something negative to say about this movie... and I honestly could not. I think this movie will deserve the Oscar it will inevitably win.

Reviewed by: Nick
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Shea said...
I am excited the director will be doing The Princess of Mars...

I am also excited about seeing it... but I will wait for the wave of children to subside.

I heard Adam was seen outside after the theater hugging the life size display of our gentle robot. Especially after he found out the creator of R2D2 was behind it.
lol... yeah. I went to a midnight showing, so there were very few kids there (Honestly, there were very few people there in general).

Also, just got back from seeing Wanted. Two thumbs up! Awesome movie... the review should be going up shortly on my blog, but I'm pretty sure you wanted to do the review for here, so I'll leave it for you.
Dr. Squib said...
Shea, GREAT plan. I went on opening night at 6:30, and there was no shortage of screaming 5 year olds that needed their ass beat to ruin the atmosphere for everyone else. I liked it on the whole. It was not my favorite of Pixar, but it was definitely not the worst of them all (of course, anything that they put out is pretty good). Fun stuff.
Adam said...
I went to a 4:30 and there were plenty of kids but they were pretty good on the most part, they kind of added to the whole experience for me. Afterwards a lot of kids ran straight out of the theater and hugged that giant standup in the lobby... it was funny and sweet.

I loved the movie though - I'd definitely agree with the 5 stars here, I loved every minute of it.
I'm in such an agreeable mood today... I give the Flan-nod to Nick... AND Adam. I loved this film, and I kind of liked watching it with a ton of kids... It felt a little like that scene from Finding Neverland on opening night of Pan. Maybe the kids are just sweeter in Kannapolis :)

At one point when Eve is trying to put WALL*E back together one child who had trouble annunciating said "is Wuuaaaalleee not wuwking?". Completely made the movie for me. This will be one I will force my kids to watch hundreds of times :)

I still don't know how they pulled off the engaging nature of this film with so little dialogue... Honestly that was the only thing I was worried about going in... that I would be bored half the movie, but I guess the theory is if you can do it for 3 minutes in a pixar short you can captivate for an hour and a half. Get Smart (which I also thoroughly enjoyed) had more forgetable filler scenes then this movie did.
Shea said...
Loved it...
Andy said...
So much more of what I wanted it to be and so much less of what I didn't want it to be. Had a great time watching it.