I Am Legend
I Am Legend is based off the classic novel of the same name written by Richard Matheson. Francis Lawrence and Will Smith tackle yet another version of the influential story.

Set in post apocalyptic New York Robert Neville survives by following his basic routines and every day precautions. Scientist, father, and husband Neville is left with only his daughters dog as a companion against the world now turned monsters...will Neville overcome his loneliness or slip into suicidal madness? Will he discover a cure for the dreaded infection or forever run in the circles of a tired scientific theory?

Let me start off by saying this (which you are probably tired of me saying) is based off one of my favorite books. So keep this in mind because my review is completely biased and based off this mentality.

In watching the trailer I was preparing to see a lot of concepts that could possibly have made this movie suck. Fortunately not many of these judgments came to pass. No turret mounted Mustangs, no happy endings, and no Will Smith comedy routines.

Smith actually did a great job in the role despite the massive differences in race and age that were crucial to it's source material. He's taken yet another successful step at becoming a respectable well rounded actor. But of course the Big Willy style doesn't leave us without a couple smiles amidst his intense teary eyed relationship with his dogs and mannequins. Smith balances his comedy and drama well for the role.
I truly believe Francis Lawrence is an amazing visual story teller. Constantine was crisp, tight, and pure camera poetry. The young filmmaker's only weakness is he leans too heavily on CG. As with Constantine the filmmaker takes the easy way out. The CG was a right footed limp to Legend.

Being a fan of the book it's obvious the soul of the story is important to me. The script is unfortunately a transparent ghost of the original story. It's like the screenwriters took the concept and soul, put it through a washing machine, hung it to dry, and then wrote their own version. They plagiarized a story that could easily be recognized as the idea but not a respectable adaptation. It's like seeing a father and son. "Hey they seem similar, but wait, they are completely different people".(lame analogy)

I liked it. I honestly did. I didn't love it but I enjoyed myself. I guess I was just relieved that the movie didn't go down the roads I feared it would. Lawrence and company have probably pulled off a success. But as far as the movie rising up the ranks or being remembered beyond DVD sales?...there won't be a sequel.
I would recommend seeing it this holiday season. You won't lose anything and besides...you get to see the AMAZING Dark Knight trailer.

Reviewed by: shea
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Adam said...
Why isn't this spotlight, being as it was a DVD release this week? We can talk about the 'controversial' ending and how lackluster and totally forgettable this movie is, ha.
Paul said...
What are we talking about? iVampire?

The only movie I've been able to take Will Smith seriously in is Ali...thanks to Michael Mann. Shea is on my back to read I Am Legend, but after the movie I just can't bring myself to do it. Am I wrong?
Shea said...
Yeah...I had faith in my boy Lawrence but he failed me. The movie was far from horrible but just not what the book was.

PAUL!!! THE BOOK IS AMAZING! Have I ever lead you astray(COD doesnt count). Adam...help me out here...isn't it amazing.
Paul said...

Paul: there's someone up there
Shea: no, I'm up here, it's all clear
Paul: so you're saying I don't have to worry?
Shea: yeah, don't worry, just close your eyes and come on up
Shea: Paul, are you ok?
Paul: ...
Shea: ...Paul?

(sorry Shea, I had to)
Adam said...
Thinking back on this movie, I have no reason to ever see it again haha. I mean, the first half of it was pretty good - I would have been much happier w/ just the dog dying and then the credits than the second half of that suck-fest ha.

Paul, the book is great - no doubt about it, a thousand times better than the movie.
Nick said...
Yeah... I'm ashamed to say I haven't read the book, but I enjoyed the movie quite a bit... except for the CGI. There was no reason the CGI needed to be that poor (or as overused as it was. Why NOT just use actual people for most of the Vamp stuff?).
Andy said...
The only thing the book really shares with the movie is the title. Paul, you should read it immediately. The movie could have been so good, but instead I think we all know what we got....Focus Grouped Poop.
Paul W said...
This movie was a huge let down. I would say 1 star at best. I felt like it was just getting started when boom, it was over. Very disappointing.