Kung Fu Panda

When Po is not serving hot noodles in his father's shop, he's dreaming of becoming a Kung Fu warrior. Idolizing the legendary Furious Five, Po stumbles into a prophecy that leaves him under the deciding finger of an ancient master. Now with the fate of the valley on his shoulders, Po must train to stop an evil snow leopard who will stop at nothing to seize the sacred dragon scroll which guarantees him supreme power over all.


The main flaw in the film is the over simplified story. The turns are obvious and the surprises telegraphed. The movie is obviously geared to children but even still, you don't need to sacrifice the integrity of good story telling.


Despite this minor flaw observed from my over critical adult brain this movie was great. The animation was rich and beautiful; the colors vibrant and the Asian world enchanting. I loved the switches between anime and modern day computer technology. I also loved the old Kung Fu edits, freeze frames, and slow motion sequences dispersed through out. The choreography and martial arts were phenomenal (It is funny to admit this in a movie such as this) and exciting to watch.


Jack Black was hilarious as most always. The animators did an exceptional job in capturing the subtle facial expressions that make Black, Jack Black. I was a little disappointed though that there were no musical escapades where he uses his lips as instruments. We are all familiar with TD and saw Nacho so we know what I am talking about.


Fast paced and funny, Kung Fu Panda takes us on an overly simple yet satisfying ride.
Reviewed by: shea
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Minor said...
Kung-Fu Panda was the shit. I saw it twice.

Despite not liking Black much (sorry), I liked it too! But only enough to see it once.
Adam said...
Yep, I've got some free movie tickets and I figure I'll use them for this - after listening to the guys over at /film gush about it. I'm not a big fan of animated movies - but i've seen nothing but positive feedback about it.
Shea said...
LOVED the opening scene...

Minor... welcome to the party pal.(Die Hard)

Troy said...
I loved this movie. Except for the kid behind me yakking the whole time. This movie was good enough to help me block that little punk out. Anyhow the opening scene was awesome. Great movie that Mina (my kid who is a perfect angel at the theatre) loved too.
Troy said...
Hey Adam,
Transformers was pretty much an animated movie. Wasn't it? hehehe.
Adam said...
Haha, yes - thank you Troy.

But I hear ya on kids at the theater. At "Get Smart" I had to undergo the torture of 2 dads who didn't feel like watching their kids - they sat in a different row, meanwhile these 4 boys were going ape shit and getting up and down every 5 seconds to go to the bathroom... UGH.

Stupid parents - my nephew is only 5 and he's a "perfect angel" at the theater too, I guess it's all in the parenting.
Just saw it today, finally. Loved it. The action sequences were awesome.
Nick said...
Oh, and I disagree on the flaw being the over-simplistic story. I actually saw that as a bonus... they try to make movies way too over-complicated these days. This movie didn't bother, and I thought it was a fresh of breath air.
Nick said...
*Breath of fresh air.

Gah, I hate my random dyslexia sometimes.