Peter Weller (Robocop) tries to mend his broken family by bringing them on an African vacation. While taking care of "work" he sends his two kids and their step mother on day safari. After the guide leads them off the beaten path and on an emergency poop break, he is soon devoured by lions, leaving the young family under siege by the kings and queens of the jungle. The clock is ticking and the family is starving. Robocop is desperately trying to find his family, even hiring a renegade guide to lead him into the wild.

The main appeal for me watching this movie was the fact that I know the writer, Jeff Wadlow, who directed the films "Never Back Down" and "Cry Wolf". I met him a couple years ago at a film festival and then competed again the following year. When I heard he was writing this I was curious at how close it would be to my childhood favorite, The Ghost and the Darkness.

To keep it short the movie was pretty bad. Despite the constant monster vision (ugh... one of my biggest pet peeves) the story is jumbled and forced together like bricks through a wood chipper. The events that occur are as random as they are obvious foreshadowings to eye rolling events to come.

The acting wasn't so bad. It's always fun to see old stars like Peter Weller taking up the reins and pursuing his family. The kids were OK and Bridget Moynahan (I,Robot, Lord of War) was beautiful and precise for the most part. I think the direction was the films weakest link.

There are a couple of good lion attack scenes. No obvious lion puppets or pathetic CG. There is one moment where a lion comes through a wind shield that is pretty breathtaking.

Despite the scattered positives, the movie just really isn't that good. I haven't seen Never Back Down, but I am proud of my boys writing skills in Cry Wolf... As for Prey?...for now I will just blame the director whose previous films include Dracula 3000... enough said.

Final remarks... for lion goodness stick with The Ghost and the Darkness.
Reviewed by: shea
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Andy said...
Yeah. It wasn't as miserable watching this as watching feast, but it was not very good. Although the lions in I Am Legend could learn a few things from the beasts in this one,
Nick said...
*Cries and Andy's continuing hatred for Feast*
It sounds like a good idea but based on what you've written, i'll be skipping this one for sure. Thanks for the warning.
Hmm... *Searching for a good segue into Ghost and the Darkness... deciding that I never need one for that movie* What is it about Lions that are so friggin' amazing/terrifying?!?! There are many other animals out there that are probably more powerful, faster, more deadly (hippo)... something about Lions is just mythical. The same could be said for Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer... kidding there, but seriously I'm tempted to go rent this just for the Lion through the windshield scene... And then go BUY Ghost and the Darkness and watch it back to back!!!

Can anyone with a straight face pick bears, jaguars, wolves, crocs, sharks or snakes as more epic creatures?!? (of course we are talking real creatures here... not xenomorphs...)

I'm actually kind of suprised there haven't been more decent Lion movies (besides Ghost...) Why is it that Sharks get all the better movie roles?!? Ridiculous Prejudice I say! I'm callin' Jesse, and we're gonna march on Universal Studios!

"I'm going to sort it out!!!!"