Twin Peaks - Season 1
This show has danced along our respective queues for more years than I care to remember.  We each almost gave an arm and a leg to buy limited edition DVDs a couple years back.

Finally the wait is over and we are experiencing the AMAZINGNESS that is Twin Peaks!

Twin Peaks is a TV series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The story follows the investigation of a brutal murder involving the homecoming queen Laura Palmer. Her corpse was discovered tightly wrapped in plastic on the stony banks of a river. Sheriff Harry S Truman and his deputies are on the case until just across the state line a second girl is discovered. FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), is called in to investigate.

As the mystery is investigated, we begin to ask not "who killed Laura Palmer", but "wtf is going on in this town!?"  We soon find out that mysteries run deep within Twin Peaks, and as the story unravels, we learn along with Agent Cooper that nothing is as it seems. Everyone has a secret and no one is innocent. More importantly however, there are things at work beyond what is clear to us.

Twin Peaks first hit the boob tube in 1990 with a two hour pilot and 11 episodes. A second season ensued into 1991 but all was cut short due to frustrated fans, time changes, and the forcing of Lynch's hand by the studio which resulted in a premature resolution to the main story arc.  The fact is, this series was way ahead of its time, and though critically acclaimed was probably too strange and quirky for the early 90s.  I'll say this, if it was being produced today, it would give LOST a run for its money.

Lynch and Frost have both been quoted as saying they wanted to create a police investigation mixed with a soap opera...that's like saying Star Wars is about a space adventure, a huge understatement.  As always, Lynch has added his unique flavor of surreal storytelling.  Dreams, hallucinations, quirky characters, numerous WTF moments, and the always cloudy feel that is embodied in Lynch's films. It's as if the sun can never find a direct route the world of his stories.

Much like LOST, Twin Peaks immediately captures your attention, drawing you into the intricate lives of the characters. The town quickly becomes a real place with familiar and complicated faces. You find your favorite characters fast, cheering them and voting for more screen time. But like LOST, other characters evolve creating more enemies or heroes. As the pieces to the puzzle fall into place you can't help but watch just one more episode. To me this encompasses a successful series...The need for more.

Kyle MacLachlan makes the series. His character drives the story and steers your emotions. His willingness to embrace the uncommon (and sometimes supernatural) means of investigation gives him the kind of depth that you don't typically see in a relatively realistic story.  Twin Peaks is his third collaboration with Lynch resulting in the unique mixture of talent that only the best brush and paint can create. I have to agree with Paul when saying he could possibly be the best television character created.  (Interesting side-note, Kyle MacLachlan narrated several LOST tv recaps and specials)

The show is dark and dreary. The characters of Twin Peaks are quirky, unique, and extremely interesting. The story is sticks you like a barbed hook. You can't get enough.  If you are a fan of LOST or great storytelling that it just outside the mainstream, queue it up immediately, you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by: Shea & Paul
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Paul said...
Look forward to Season 2 review shortly ;-)
Andy said...
It IS really great. I love how Cooper is always so wide eyed and fascinated by the little things he discovers in Twin Peaks....the trees, the pies... All of the characters make the story so much richer and more complex than just a simple murder mystery. I like seeing how they all react to the situation and try to work it out for their individual insterests. Lynch's use of the characters to move the story along is pretty amazing. Last night 2 girls gossiping in the school bathroom reveal important information. It's more subtle and real to have it happen like that than to just obviously force the story.
Adam said...
It's weird. You would think the main thread running through the show, Laura Palmer's death, would be a big monumental cap at the end of a season... but in the case of this show, It randomly happens half-way through Season 2... which was AMAZING but then... it's just like, what happens now?

Ever since that point happened, I've just been left scratching my head. While I still thoroughly enjoy it - I'm struggling to see the point in the stories being told right now. And maybe that's the fault of the networks, but it almost seems to me that Lynch was asking for it.

If he truly had this thing planned for 8 seasons or whatever, I would think he would've took better care in structuring it so. It reminds me of the X-Files. You'd have these long 10-episode arcs, and then when they were over you were back to these procedural one-shot episodes that didn't have anything to do with what you just experienced. the characters simply picked up and went on to the next thing.

It's kind of like... what if the survivors of 815 would've got off the island half-way through the second season. We'd still enjoy the characters but lose that bigger story and mystery that they were all so focused on.

Agent Cooper is fantastic, though.
Paul said...
Easy on the Season 2 review comments Adam ;-)

I see what you're saying, but I would compare it slightly to finding out who the Others are in LOST. A big reveal, and broadens our vision of the show, but there is so much more to unfold.

Sadly we'll never see it in the case of Twin Peaks :-/
Adam said...
Oh wait, did I spoil it?

Guys, Lauren Palmer was murdered...

I mean, we're talking about Shea here... who spoils everything for everyone and basically told Andy half of season 4 of Lost before he could finish the first season, haha.

Shea said...
I do enjoy ruining a good twist for someone. Mmmmm... it is a deep dark pleasure. BRUCE WILLIS IS A GHOST!!!!!!!
Paul said...
Hah, right you are.

I really just meant we'll have a review for Season 2 soon suckas!
You know I've never seen a single episode? Nope. Not a one. Given the fact though that you've just given it a 5star review, I might just have to. Thanks :)
Paul said...
That would be a smart move Karen. Adam and I just finished Season 2 last night...incredible. Very sad that the show ended there, but a great setup and follow-through on an amazing climax and season-ending cliffhanger.

Help me out here Adam, if I just take this and the first two seasons of LOST...I don't know, I might prefer Twin Peaks :-/
Adam said...
While I love the show, I could never say I preferred it over "Lost," - my first and only true love of Television.

The finale for season 2 was AMAZING though and it's heartbreaking that the show ended.

I'm trying to buy a Twin Peaks t-shirt as we speak...
Paul said...
Yeah, it's a tough call. I just felt like even with the continuing plot after Laura's murder was resolved, that Twin Peaks is more focused. There are a lot more characters and elements in LOST that I care about, but the focus of Twin Peaks on its ultimate good/evil story arc and the clear main (amazing) character of Cooper seem to pull me in more.

Watching LOST we want answers and resolution, with TP I just felt like I was on a deeper ride that I didn't want to end.

Ultimately I can't say one is better than the other, mainly because TP never finished, but it's something for me to consider ANYTHING on a parallel with LOST.
* (asterisk) ( said...
It's no secret how much I love Lynch World, and Twin Peaks is a masterpiece. Instead, though, of wondering what happens now once Laura's killer is revealed, we should marvel at the cojones of such a move for primetime TV in the very early 90s.

Lost lost me after about four episodes. I'm amazed anyone cares for it. People have been clamouring for Twin Peaks on DVD for as long as the format has existed. You do the math(s).