Golden Compass, The

There was a lot of hype built around this movie. As a result I expected it to blow the box office out of the water...but it didn't. Preliminary reports were reading that it simply wasn't a good film.
Last night I was "working" at the theater and decided to try and stay up for the midnight showing of Sweeney Todd. Well lets see...I had two hours to kill so what better way to spend it then sitting in The Golden Compass.

I knew nothing of the plot and heard brief screams of controversy. Over all I had a clear conscious and fresh mind going into the film. All that to say I felt Compass falls critically short of expectations. The directing was forced, the story scattered, and ironically enough I felt the movie had no soul. There was not one moment in the film where I felt...well anything.

On a positive note I will say there are two scenes I liked. One is the entrance into the Polar Bear castle and secondly the attempted separation of the girl and her daemon.

Basically anything with the polar bear was exciting but unfortunately the movie quotes the cliche cops lines of our generation..."Move along Move along, nothing to see here."

Oh...and the worst part is that I was too tired to watch Sweeney....

Reviewed by: shea