Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Nothing says Merry Christmas like demon barbers and alien death matches.
Sweeney Todd was good while watching and great in hindsight. I found myself bored the first hour and AMAZED the second. It was just hard to adjust to the constant song and dance. But finally the the Barber's hand became complete and with razors slicing the true nature of the character resulted in spewing art forms of bright red plasma.
The story although not a Tim Burton original was exciting and fun to watch with Depp and Carter behind the characters. As far as Tim Burton goes this is probably one of my favorites from his queue. The last thirty minutes to an hour of the movie were flawless in my opinion.
Reviewed by: adam
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I quite agree with you, especially on the second half being much better. I just saw it, finally (review up on blog).
Shea said...
Yeah... I had a hard time with the first half... didnt think the music was all that engaging. But slowly everything picks up nicely and I love the end!!