A group of underwater deep-sea miners are coming to the end of their term. Morale is low and leadership is dwindling. After a couple suit malfunctions and one of the crew members getting lost on the ocean floor they finally hit the end of their ropes. With only days left two miners discover an old Soviet wreck on the ocean floor. Oblivious to the consequences the miners bring back a dangerous cargo to their ocean floor station. Now the team must survive against a genetic mutation if they ever want to see the surface again.


The film adapts so much from films like Aliens, The Thing, The Abyss, and even Sphere that it's hard not to like this one. I know your first impulse for those words is "RIP OFF!!" but I didn't view it that way. I mean how can you argue the performances of Peter Weller (Robocop), Richard Crenna (Rambo trilogy), Ernie Hudson (The Crow, cough*Congo*), and Daniel Stern (did I just say Daniel Stern?) I mean these guys are great and real treat to see in a late night  Monster HD creature movie.


After revisiting the scenes and emotions from those movies we love so much it was hard for me not to have a good time with this one. Although the dialog and acting gets a little shaky at times I was still impressed with the budget and the heart put into the film. There is enough substance for you to care, enough tension to make you scream, and enough originality to prevent you from feeling cheated. But the soul of our classics is thick in the room.


Besides...The director of Leviathan is none other than George P. Cosmotos (RIP). You may think you don't know him but trust me... you know his work well. Can anyone remember the 80s greats Cobra or First Blood Part 2? Maybe not, but surely you all know and love Tombstone? Possibly Doc Holiday's most memorably moments are brought to you by none other than Cosmotos and Val Kilmer. So yeah... this is the same guy who made Leviathan. Respect.


If you have a flavor for anything I've mentioned on this post then I highly recommend this film. I am not saying watch it for its original ideas or ground breaking effects. I am saying watch it because it nods and respects everything you love about those special movies of old.


I am rating it a 2* for the simple fact that you will only like it if you appreciate it. Does that make sense?

Reviewed by: shea
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Paul said...
Hmm...I agree with the rating, but not necessarily the review.

Yes, it does pull most if not all of its elements from the aforementioned films, and normally I would agree and say enjoy the ride of tried and true sci-fi cinema. However, I think the director and actors all did a poor job with this one, which in my opinion, does make it nothing more than a cheap knock off. Personally, I would NOT recommend this, unless you want to see Robocop in another movie.
Shea said...
Which... who doesn't want to see Robocop in another movie?

I dont think the direction was terrible nor the actors. Whether the root of the problem is the script or direction their were definitely some awkward moments. I still very much enjoyed the movie laughing shouting and finding similarities to the movies it relates to.

I mean the inside of the station and the crew are fresh out of Alien.

The creature right off the set of The Thing.

The world is back to back with the Abyss.

The fear the same you feel in Sphere.
Shea said...
I just crossed my opinions... yes the direction and acting is not first class... but what i want to say is... that it doesnt ruin the movie for me. Earns no more than 2 stars but doesnt ruin the movie.
Paul said...
Right...2 stars, but I wouldn't recommend it...

However, I heard an interesting story yesterday. Seems you were with a group of people that had never seen any Alien movie...and you recommended and then WATCHED...Alien Resurrection!?! (BAAARRRRFFF!!!)
Shea said...
I have no idea what you are talking about.