Robocop vs Terminator
So I've been on somewhat of a retro kick lately. The past weekend I dug out my copy of Robocop and watched it. Then I noticed that the inferior sequels were on cable and caught both of them whilst bed-ridden with a horrible mouth infection. I'm weird when it comes to watching movies and reading comics, because after I watch or read something I immediately hit up the internet to find out as much information about what I've just watched or read as I can find. And so last weekend after hitting up Wikipedia I re-discovered the existence of Robocop vs Terminator, a four-part comic book miniseries written by Frank Miller and drawn by Walt Simonson.

The mini-series starts out in the infamous post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Terminator future. Machines have mankind on the run and all hope seems lost. But a female soldier has a plan to stop the machines once and for all. To travel back in time to stop the man responsible for the machines merging with human consciousness. And it just so happens that said man is none other than Alex Murphy, aka Robocop.

I was blown away by this idea. I was really excited about the prospects. Especially since Miller had a hand in writing the sequels to Robocop. Granted, they were both poorly made and poorly executed, but it wasn't necessarily his fault. They were both results of studio interference, and we all know how much that can ruin a movie. The idea that Alex Murphy is the cause of Judgment Day is an interesting way to tie the two franchises together. But an idea that ultimately just falls apart with each subsequent issue.

There are quite a few great battles and some interesting concepts in this series. But ultimately it just feels empty. The excitement I felt about the story fell apart about halfway through the second issue. At which I was like "wow, I still have two more whole issues to go through!". It's kind of what I've started to expect from Miller. When the guy is on, he's gold. But when he's off, even slightly, it's just...ugh!

And this series is definitely ugh. There are at least three scenes where the female warrior changes the future's time-line only to have a group of Terminators quickly send another batch back in time to stop her progress. It just seems like a half-thought out idea. What could have been a ground-breaking cross-over event just ended up feeling hollow. But then again, I guess I was just expecting way too much out of something called Robocop vs Terminator. The only good thing that came out of this series was a guilty-pleasure Super Nintendo game.
Reviewed by: josh
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Shea said...
Cool man... I love the concept but could have assumed it sucked.

At the comic store I saw Miler has a Robo Comic out that is evidently what Robo 3 should have been like. It looks cool but never had the guts to pay the flow.

So...who did you root for? Robo?...or Termi?
Josh said...
Honestly I didn't really root for anyone or expect too much out of it, I just thought it might be a decent read. Now I know better.

And I've read the Miller Robocop 2/3 comic book. Disappointing as well. They took a lot of the concepts and used them in the movies, but his version was a little grittier. Oh well.
Andy said...
That looks crazy. And what is up with the cover?