New Frontier, The vol. 1

The New Frontier provides a uniting storyline for the DC comics characters set on the stage of the 1950s. From Batman and Superman to The Challengers of the Unknown and the Suicide Squad all the way back to Silver Age characters like Barry Allen Flash and Hal Jordon.

I love the way the story is told. We jump around from character to character as they observe each other and the situations of this time period in world history. From Cold War espionage to the Korean War front lines our heroes play their roles some more secretly than others.

I have two favorite characters in this series. My first one is obviously Batman. His introduction to the comic was truly AWESOME. Two cops bust onto the scene of an occult ritual gone bad witnessing Batman as he battles about 50 hooded crazies and doing a good job of it. From the perspective of the cops watching the Dark Knight gave me goose bumps (nerd alert).

My second favorite character was John Jones a shape shifting alien who finds himself secretly assimilated into our world. Acting as a Private Eye his perspective on our planet and his attempt at secrecy is an interesting twist on the novel. I loved the frames at night where he sits in front of his TV shifting into the characters on the screen learning everything he can about our world and culture.

Darwyn Cooke is an amazing artist. His story and structure is compelling, his perspective original. He brings three dimensionality and originality to a world we thought we knew in history class from the perspectives of heroes we thought we knew as kids. He capitalizes on all our expectations from the characters and adds a daring grittiest to the 1950s period of our history.
Reviewed by: shea
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Andy said...
This one sounds good too. I need to step up my comic reading pace. Maybe I should cut back my hours at work...oh wait I did. The cover is funny. Makes me wonder why Wonder Woman is smiling so big and all of those guys are lined up behind her. ... Batman peering around the corner.... Ha?
Shea said...
It is odd because Wonderwoman really ahs no role in the comic. Maybe two or three pages hanging out in the jungles of Nam with Superman...but that is it.

Its a good one man...but I think you have a lot more to read before you arrive here.
Becky said...
I loved this one as well - Batman and Martian Manhunter were my favorite characters in this book as well (Batman's a given, but he was particularly well-portrayed in this book). I liked the movie, too, though it couldn't measure up to the book.
Shea said...
Yeah I keep seeing advertisements for the movie at the comic book store and online... I might have to check it out.
Paul said...
Yeah, this one was good, but I felt not great. Mainly this is because there was a lot of set up, and understandably so, but no payoff. I'd have to keep reading the next volumes to really get into it. I guess I was expecting to read about Hal Jordan becoming the Green Lantern, but never got to see it.

Definitely liked the interaction between Batman and the Martian Manhunter the best. Great dialogue when Batman gives him the pendant, and says something along the lines of "I don't know who you are or where you're from, but I can sense you're a man to be trusted"

3.5 stars
Shea said...
I also love the line from Batman immediately after where he says somthing like..."i had to buy an expensive rare rock to defeat the last alien(superman) but for you I just need a match."

I loved the opening story...especially when the guy jumps into the mouth of the T Rex. Oh that was awesome.

I loved the descriptions of Batman fighting the monks.

For the first time in my life I loved FLASH.

It is funny because we share the same opinion but just an opposite theory... ha.

I thought the set up for this was so awesome with amazing characters and an amazing build that I have refused to read volume 2 because I am afraid it won't measure to what I in my mind want to go down.

I have picked it up a couple times and skimmed the pages...but...I have built up volume one so much that I doubt the conclusion...ha.

Dumb...i know.
Paul said...
Geez...that IS dumb!

Nah j/k good buddy. I hear ya, there were some interesting stories, and I liked the Flash in this one as well. It felt like without any conclusion there were just too many stories being told that I coudln't figure out how they were all going to fit together. Like what's the deal with the Suicide Squad? And the Viking story? I can see how they kind of tie in, but it's just not there yet. I have a feeling I'd have to view New Frontiers as a single story, assuming there is a finite number of them.
Shea said...
Yeah.... there is only one more volume. Maybe I will pick it up this weekend.