Leatherheads takes us back to 1925 when professional football had no rules, audience, or gentlemen. Dodge Connolly is an old football rough neck who lives with no other skill but to play the sport. When his team loses sponsorship and the league faces collapse, Dodge pulls one last hail marry by finding a college football star/war hero to bring the people back to the bleachers.


I was originally very excited about this movie. I loved the skill and heart Clooney put into directing Good Night and Good Luck. Also I am pretty big fan of his work as an actor. Unfortunately on both levels I felt this movie was way way below par.


The film felt shallow and two dimensional, the banter forced, and the world hollow and fake like a poor college play.


The football was bland and unexciting. The big game was slow and confusing. Every single plot point telegraphed thirty minutes before the follow through.


There were a few moments of smiles and good ideas but all buried in deep like an Alabama tick.


I am thinking and thinking for something else to say but the movie has that little of an impact. I give it two stars for the soul reason that the 70 year old couple in front of me had the time of their life...and also that I still respect George Clooney for making something that maybe I just don't get.

Reviewed by: shea
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martha said...
sad. i definitely had high hopes for this one... mostly because of jim, let's face it.

*sigh* oh well. guess i'll wait and rent this one.
frenchie said...
i went to see this with jesse and beth and we all enjoyed it. it's one of those movies that is definitely a good chick flick, but not much else. love, love clooney though. he's one smooth operator. i'm so glad jim bit the bullet cause i really can't stand him in anything. martha if you're reading this...go see it. i think you'll like it. it's a feel good, fun flick.
Andy said...
ughhhghghghg i need to see a great movie...and sleep
divcvet said...
i liked Good Night and Good Luck...