Fables #9 Sons of Empire

Fabletown as landed a fatal blow to the evil Empire thanks to Bigby's suicide mission into the Homelands. But did you really expect the Empire to head the Wolve's warning? A council of war is set and The Adversary has his advisor's planning the counter attack on our fabled heroes.


This episode is a stage setter for many trials and tribulations to come. Events are set in motion that will eventually play out into some amazing editions to the series.


Later in the novel Bigby packs his family at his wife's request and takes them to his grandfather The North Wind's kingdom castle. Here the children learn the true nature of a father's love as Bigby battles three huge ugly monsters in the forest near the grandfather's castle.


ALSO later in volume 9 we get an interesting Christmas special where we learn the role of Santa Claus to the Fabled community. This is a very unique story arc and surprisingly an important edition to the series. Plus we find out how Santa really does visit all those homes in one night.


Last but not least the writers respond to fans questions and comments on the series. Creating little vignettes of supporting characters and situations to answer what happened, is happening, or might happen with past issues that might not have been answered. Some are important, but mostly they are just fun little snippets that make the world of Fables even more three dimensional.


Fables #9 is an important edition to the timeline, setting up the war to come and establishing the roles of leaders, villain, heroes, and fathers.

Reviewed by: shea
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Andy said...
I liked this one... not my favorite, but good. I like the tension between Bigby and his father and of course Bigby fighting the beasties.
Shea said...
I agree with you Andy...

A stepping stone book for thigns to come.
Paul said...
I agree also. The part I loved the best was when Santa was talking to Ambrose (fly catcher, not wolf). He loads a giant burden on him and basically tells him he will save the world. Just great to see such an unsung hero have his importance revealed to him (see Charlie talking to Hurley in 4.01 of Lost).