Office, The: Season 3

Going into the 3rd season I received conflicting reports. Some are heralding that the show gets funnier and funnier while others warned of a downward spiral.

I liked season 1 a couple months ago and Season 2 was definitely better. It was an interesting experience because I was watching both the American and BBC versions. At first I was all about BBC. But trying to be anti-American and against the grain slowly faded with my love for the American characters. Slowly but surely BBC slipped off the queue.

Moving forward I was hesitant and fearful that my new show was going to slide off the scale but I pushed play anyway. Four discs later I'm here to report the show is indeed getting funnier and funnier. The characters are evolving beautifully and I'm excited to see where they go next.

The reports of Season 4 are that the first couple episodes are AMAZING but it's again slipping off the table. I'm learning more and more not take your word for it...ha.

Reviewed by: shea