Diary of the Dead
A group of film students and their teacher are filming a horror movie when real-life zombies begin the infestation of the world. The film students take this opportunity to capture the events in hope to somehow show the audience what really happened when then end of the world began.

To me it seems a little late in the cinematic timeline to be ripping off The Blair Witch Project. You would normally expected these type of films as soon as Witch brought in 100 mill. As with all expected blockbusters(better late than never), the industry begins cranking out the successful concepts into different molds and shapes. Cloverfield although taking what Blair Witch introduced and making it bigger, better, and obviously advancing cinema in the right direction.

Diary of the Dead seemed like a great concept although not original in its amateur style. Well if films like Cloverfield and Blair Witch can do it, why can't George Ramero? And by god, if anyone is going to capture the end with a camcorder lets make it the father of the Hollywood zombie.

Unfortunately Ramero fumbles through his script like the film students he is so desperately trying to direct. I mean not just bad...its horrible the things that these characters are saying and doing. Playing all the roles we've seen before with all the situations we know now by routine, Diary of the Dead randomly introduces us to a world all to familiar and no longer interesting to those of us who love the undead.

Ramero's biggest faults are that he tried too hard. He tried to hard to make it relevant. To hard to make it a statement. He tried to hard to make us relate...he tried too hard at resaddling something he has slowly been losing control of since Dawn of the Dead.

Not a good movie at all. Only two moments earn the movie the half a star over what you might expect. The opening scene is really good. A couple of reporters are covering a murder scene. The police start bringing out body bags that quickly come to life. A very creepy and effective zombie moment. If George would have taken off with this perspective the movie could have been amazing. But of course...we cut to a horrible voice over that will haunt us the rest of the film. The second nod worthy thing is more of a cool concept than execution. A character instead of burying the dead that will no doubt come back to life, instead puts them in a deep swimming pool. There is a great shot of a small platoon of zombie slowly patrolling the bottom of a swimming pool. There are maybe a handful of other moment that earn some smiles of zombie lovers by honestly...the movie is horrible. If it wasn't for my respect for the dead I would have rated it much less.

Diary of the Dead...more like Diarrhea of The Dead, the smell bad movie of the year.
Reviewed by: shea
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Andy said...
I dont know why movies about a group of film students making a movie always suck and irritate me. Throw that in with the forced references to myspace, youtube, and other current technology, ridiculously bad dialogue, and terrible acting and you have all the ingredients for a huge waste of time.. Just because you take an overdone concept and put it in a new situation doesn't make it new or innovative. It just makes it worse. Yes I get the social commentary on the 24 hour news cycle and everyone's narcissistic obsession with posting their lives online, but write an op-ed piece for the NY Times or something...at least that would have only cost me 75 cents and 10 minutes of my time.
Nick said...
That's disappointing to hear. I was super psyched about this movie. Though from what I've read, you either love it or you hate it. There's no real in-between.

And for the record, Diary was in production long before Cloverfield was... so it's been really annoying to read that Diary is just kinda ripping off what Cloverfield did, even though Diary was doing it first (Blair Witch notwithstanding...)
Shea said...
Yeah...regardless of when it was in production Diary of the Dead sucks and Cloverfield is amazing.

Diary had its potential to become one of my favorite zombie movies...really it was there...but Nik...there should be no split...the movie sucked.
Josh said...
Damn, I was stoked about another Romero zombie flick, but I keep hearing bad things about this one. I'm a sucker for just about anything by this guy, but honestly outside of zombies he's not that great.

Come to think of it, what's with directors named George being only good at one particular genre, i.e. Romero (zombies), Lucas (Star Wars...and Indiana Jones) and Miller (post-apocalypse, the latter half of Thunderdome notwithstanding)?

I'll add it to my Netflix queue when it comes out, but I'm not expecting much. I know I've seen much worse zombie movies before. But I never thought Romero would disappoint too much.
Nick said...
Finally saw it... good God did it suck. I was ready to turn it off 30 minutes in. And I agree with you on the pool scene... pretty much the only cool thing about it.