Joe Versus the Volcano
Joe is a hypochondriac working in a factory that creates anal probes and testicle replacements. Under the life sucking fluorescent lights Joe is a perfect example of the living dead. After spending all his savings on doctor's appointments and health tests his physician has come to the conclusion that Joe has a serious disease commonly known as a brain cloud. A brain cloud has no symptoms or sickness but is very deadly. Joe is only given a couple of months to live.
Now seeing the end, Joe immediately sticks it to his boss and quits his job in the royal fashion we all wish we had the stones for.

The next morning a man shows up a Joe's door with an offer to live like a king and die like a man. Joe will be given all the money he needs to live the next couple of weeks as a king as he travels to the island of Waponi Woo where in order to appease the volcano god he must willingly jumping in. As a result the man will gain rights to mine the rare minerals for his super conductor business and the natives will have had their sacrifice. With nothing left to live for Joe accepts to be the mans bargaining chip and the natives savior.

The young Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan take you on a quirky and exciting journey into the south pacific. The style and feel of the film reminds me of a more main stream Terry Gilliam film. Symbolism and foreshadowing are in every scene. There are at least four references to "losing your soul" and at least 30 images of a volcano, some subtle some not.

Very much like the Odyssey Joe encounters many different characters all moving him along to his final jump into the mouth of the volcano. Meg Ryan plays three different girls that cross Joe's path. She does a fun job with the characters and stereotypes.  

A tight script, a fun story, and hilarious acting. I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this movie.

This just in...I have just been informed that Joe vs the Volcano has reached cult status! Paul has advised me that here at (un)heralded we can give no higher than 3 stars for a cult classic.

Easy to watch and hard not to love... This film had me at Wooooooo.

Reviewed by: shea
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Diligently providing you with reviews since Horton Hears a Who! Back again as promised. So are you saying this movie gets the best rating that it can possibly get? Cult classic with 3 stars...

I loved this movie. I'm not one to watch movies over and over but this is one of the few that has graced my player many times.

The luggage salesman as the film's "Anti-Joe" is probably my favorite one-scene character of all time. "Sounds like you have.... A LUGGAGE PROBLEM!" I also loved the limo-driver, and Meg Ryan's second character... "Would you like to hear one of my poems? (reads poem). Would you like to hear it again?"

As I said to Shea, I think somebody came up with the idea for Cast Away while watching Hanks coming up with random goofy things to do while floating through the ocean on a luggage raft.

And then you jump into the Big Woo...
Andy said...
Wow that setup sounds pretty crazy and great. But will I ever watch it? Yes...yes I will.
martha said...
would you believe... i've never seen this one!

will have to make room for it now.
although... i've fallen far behind and seriously need to catch up on my queues (yeah, plural). i've had the four movies i have now for more than a month (whoops!).

although, i did finally watch perfume. hot damn... it was crazy.
Andy said...
Uh's quay quay or quay quays (plural) Get it right... And I think it's time you just admit that you will never get caught up.
martha said...

so true. gosh i hate that... why is there so little time!?

and my bad. from now on... quay(s) quay(s)
martha said...
damn... quay quay(s)

quays quays is too mind boggling... even for me