Batman and The Monster Men
Batman has been feeling the burn these days as a series of animalistic attacks have left Gotham's finest citizens in pieces. Batman hunts through the sewers looking for the clues of a villain not created from crime itself but by an evil scientist...Dr. Strange.

Interweaving through the plot, mob boss Sam Maroni has his fingers in everyones buisness. Everyone is needing the money that only Maroni can give. Not only Dr. Strange has tapped this resource but also trusted industrialist Norman Madison who just so happens to be the father of Bruce Wayne's love interest, Julie.

The plot takes place early in Batman's career and entertainingly enough hints at the things we know to come. Illusions to The Joker, Two Face, and other Batman legends is littered throughout.They are never really fleshed out but still leave you with a comic geeks grin.

I was worried that The Monster Men concept would be too far fetched or fantasy driven for my Dark Knight liking but I was pleasantly pleased with the concepts and execution of this unique tale.

I really enjoyed Jim Gordon in this series. He seems to still maintain the grit that Miller gave him in Year One. Since Frank Miller Jim Gordon as become one of my favorite characters of Batman and Matt Wagner adds fuel to this flame.

Alfred is another minor character in this edition that adds to the pages of more than just a comic, but a living breathing story.

Definitely not a staple for the franchise but absolutely an enjoyable read none the less.
Reviewed by: shea
3 Comment(s)
Andy said...
I feel really behind on my batman reading. Maybe I can work in one soon...
Josh said...
Just finished reading it. It's definitely another great addition to the Batman canon. I'm stoked that Sal Maroni is actually going to be in The Dark Knight, played by Mr. Eric Roberts himself! Dark Knight can't get here fast enough!!!
Adam said...
This was great - one of my favorite little batman stories. I want to read Mad Monk, do you have that or is Paul borrowing it indefinitely?