The world mercilessly quarantines the entire country of Scotland as fear and chaos breakout over a deadly virus. In the vein of John Carpenter's New York, the entire country is walled off and aloud to implode on itself. Three decades later the virus appears now in England. The government panics but not before satellites pick up survivors in Scotland. If there are survivors there must be a cure. An elite team of soldiers are sent into the quarantined country to bring back a cure before the entire world turns on itself.

This was a very ambitious film for Neil Marshall(The Decent, Dog Soldiers). His previous films are small and controlled. He took an element such as a cave or in Dog Soldiers a cabin and basically revolved his entire film, story, and characters around this environment. In Doomsday Marshal has created an entire apocalyptic world from wall to wall, ocean to ocean.

I loved Marshal's previous two films. Actually they rank up in my top twenty list. I saw the Decent at least 8 times in the theater...ha...I couldn't get enough.

When the Doomsday trailer was released I got a couple emails telling me my boy has sold out or slipped down the bank. I watch the trailer and could relate to their judgments. The trailer shows a mash of 28 Days Later, Escape From New York, and Road Warrior. I would be lying to you if I told you the movie was any different.

Although Doomsday borrows from the previous classics it does no disservice to the genre. Neil Marshall adds his own spin and takes on many of the old films he obviously loves. His camera and direction are solid and his vision ambitious enough to keep you entertained.

The movie's story plays out like a video game. The plot is fast paced and in your face. Never really stopping for air, jumping from one mission, enemy, and environment to another. felt like I was watching a video game. The story would slip through between action scenes with just enough time to rest your thumbs, eyes, and maybe run to the bathroom before the next stage of combat begins.

If to nod any technical achievement I think it would editing. Whoever the editor was had a hell of a job and he comes through with a bang, slash, and cut. Cutting at just the right moments, showing just enough, and keeping the pace beautifully.

The gore flowed like milk and honey but was never "shout out in your seat" or over the top. A burning alive and shotgun to the face is about all that raises the bar, everything else melts in with the action and is quickly forgotten.

I loved the combat suits the elite military team wore going into the war zone.

I loved the lead actress.

The cool thing about Neil Marshal is that he keeps a lot of his actors for every movie. I loved picking out all his previous talent. They are littered throughout.

Despite the low rating I enjoyed this movie. I appreciate what was attempted and even more so what was accomplished.

Neil Marshall started this fire and I will gladly burn in it.

Reviewed by: shea
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I actually was not a big fan of The Descent... at least the second half. I thought the first half (pre-creatures) was great. The second half killed it for me.

I do agree, though, that this movie played all video-game like. But I disagree with the gore. I thought it tinkered very close to over-the-top (though it wasn't unsettling).
Shea said...
See...I am the opposite on The Descent. The first half almost loses me. Juno with the ridiculous Indiana hat...ha.

Yeah I agree with you on the gore...I guess unsettling is what I was try to say.

One of my favorite scenes is when that infected guy with the axe busts up into the Prime Ministers lair.

Adam said...
LOW RATING? You gave this film an above average! hahaha... I mean, technically a 3/5 is pretty damn good haha. Sometimes I doubt your committment to sparkle motion.

I haven't seen it - I have no plans to see it, but I seriously doubt this movie could be anything more than a Mad Max rip-off. The fact that you say it plays out like a video game is enough justification for a 2.5 ha.

Look up a movie called WRESTLEMANIC aka El Mascarado Massacre....
Shea said...
Yeah...i originally had it as a 2.5 but by the time i got to the end of my review...I changed it. It's not a Mad Max rip off at all. If it is anything its an Escape From New York rip off.

Put those knives up boys. we all have those special directors that we defend.
Nick said...
Yeah, I wouldn't say it's exactly a Mad max rip-off. The Punks aren't even in the majority of the movie. The movie is about an hour and 40 minutes or so long. The 30-45 minutes at least are without the Punks. Then there's a good 15-20 minute segment with them... then it goes Medieval on our asses for a good chunk before going back to the Punk-induced car chase, which lasts about 10 minutes roughly.

This movie rips on a whole handful of movies, but it's still entertaining. I gave it a slightly above average rating on my review, too.
Andy said...
I thought it was great. As soon as the bunny exploded I knew to just sit back and enjoy the ride. There were a couple of times I rolled my eyes at some scenes, but it quickly got back on track..or near it. The cool parts far outweighed the over the top. Some of the gore was insane! (In a good way) And as far as Mad Max goes...the poster and the trailer are misleading. There are zombie walls, reaper viruses, detachable eyeball cameras, knights on horseback, topless bath tub killings and so much more.
Shea said...
Yeah...I think we made eye contact on the bunny bust.