The Exterminators #1 Bug Brothers

I believe the original premise of the graphic novel was to go inside an unusual career such as an exterminator and show the world from a fresh new perspective. Add a little fantasy and fiction, throw in some exaggerated characters; all in the name of comic art.


The main character is an ex-con who's been given a fresh start and legit pay check from his mother's new love interest and owner of an extermination buisness. Playing the role of the "new guy" Henry has his training with several different veterans of the Bug Bee Gone exterminator company.


This issue does a great job in creating the orange haze of the LA afternoons, the characters, and an intense and over the top story. Getting to know each character as Henry meets them throughout the day.


In ancient days, plagues, rats, and roaches have destroyed entire civilizations with disease and infestations. It seems to be happening again. At least that's what some of the exterminators believe. The bugs encountered are becoming less affected by the chemicals and poisons used to kill them. In fact, in the poorer parts of LA they seems to be mutating against it...becoming more hostile, aggressive, and deadly when exposed to this market standard chemical known as DRAXX. Unknown the public this pesticide also serves as a highly addictive drug when exposed to it as much as the exterminators are. Coincidence? Unlikely....


So with conspiracy in question and the bugs getting restless will Henry be able to maintain a life back in society. The cops are already breathing down his neck, his girlfriend getting impatient with his new found career, and all while the world of an average LA exterminator is suddenly becoming a war zone for the end of times.


The art work was amazing. Tony Moore has landed a firm foot hold as one of the great comic book artists. The world he has visually created is brilliant and beautiful in all its orangeish LA haze.


The dialogue is the other big bang of the series. Each person has their own specific style of speech, never betraying a real life flow. If Moore's artwork creates the world then the dialogue is what breathes life into the characters. Some of the best dialogue I have read. It flows naturally but artistically.


The main strike against The Exterminators is that at times it's absolutely disgusting. The comic dabbles within the lowest of life resulting in some pretty nasty panels. If you have beef with the F bomb, again this is not the comic for you. When trying to slide this one along the star scale I was having a hard time. Brilliantly illustrated and articulated but disturbingly disgusting. To some this will be a work of art and to others a moral defecation. We all choose our poisons.

Reviewed by: shea
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Andy said...
Sounds like a cool concept... But I don't think my pure mind could handle the profanity and vulgarity. You know with the...Above all else guard your heart and all... You read what you want though. It's your heart.