Big Blue, The

Another beautiful ballad directed by one of my favorites, Luc Besson. A movie and a story like I've never really experienced. Beautiful and wild this movie's characters are unique and interesting.

Jean Reno(another one of my favorites) and Jean-Marc Barr perform as best friends and rival world champion divers. We aren't talking about with scuba gear. These men can hold their breathes for up to six minutes. It's amazing how Besson tells their story. He describes them as dolphins. As they go deeper you can hear them lowering their heart rate and conserving their oxygen. The world under the surface of this film is quiet, calm, and filmed as if a piece of heaven. When asked what it's like to dive the main character responds, "It's like slipping but not falling. Sometimes it's hard, because I have to think of a good reason to come back to the surface."

The film spans the globe. From Greece, Sicily, New York, and to Peru. Jean Reno and Jean-Marc are hired out as emergency divers by oil companies, search and rescue, or even insurance reasons. Coincidentally Jean-Marc has fallen in love with an insurance agent from New York( Rosanna Arquette) who has to make a decision of giving up all that she knows and chase after this more dolphin than man lover or keep what is stable to her...her job, apartment, friends, and world she knows.

What follows is a tragic tale of love and heartbreak, friendship and rivalry, death and sorrow, but all with a hope of new life.

Le Grand bleu was obviously close to the directors heart. As expected the acting was top notch as was the beautiful cinematography. I highly recommend.

"Do you know what you're supposed to do, to meet a mermaid? Well, I will tell you. You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn't even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence. And you stay there, and you decide, that you'll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come, and they greet you, and they judge the love you have for them. If it's sincere, if it's pure, they'll be with you, and take you away forever."

Reviewed by: shea