4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Set against the backdrop of a 1980s Bucharest, a young college student finds herself scared and pregnant in a time where abortion is illegal and a baby out of wedlock a dangerous label.

Desperate the girl turns to her roommate for help and assurance. Together the two plan an illegal hotel abortion with a black market doctor to secretly terminate the child and move on with life as if nothing ever happened. As always a plan in mind never becomes the reality that you imagined.

The film portrays the beautiful but tragic decent of a girl who sacrifices everything for her pregnant roommate. She risks prison, love, hope, and innocence in the name of her friend's mistakes and lies.

The director chooses to hold on every frame with long, unbroken takes allowing the tension to build and the actors no room to breath. Telling the story through the perspective of the friend not the victim was an amazing technique. As a man it would be hard for me to relate to a girl in this situation but when telling the story through one who is observing not experiencing the situation immediately rings home for anyone who has not had to make this decision.

I haven't been that uncomfortable, that tense, or that nervous in a theater since the slow knife into chest sequence of saving Private Ryan. It was one of the roughest films I've had to watch in a long time.

Despite this fact I absolutely loved it. The acting was intimate and brutal, the camera prying and observant, while the story as effective as finger nails on a chalkboard. Shifting and squirming in my chair 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days is an amazing film that puts you in the room of the most horrifying situations.

A must see for anyone who dares to experience the darker sides of life.

Reviewed by: shea
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martha said...
i REALLY want to see this one. maybe one day this week i'll go by myself.

or maybe next week... AFTER i've moved. argh... i hate moving.
Shea said...
OOoooo...this would be a crazy one to see by yourself. You will silently walk out of the theater with you hair messed up and your mascara running. You turn to look for anyone to talk to about the film but you will have proabably been in an empty theater...ha.
Andy said...
This is one of you best reviews...I think. When my mind goes idle it sometimes drifts back to some of the scenes. When I heard a review of the style of the movie, I thought it could be lame or could really work. I think if it would have been done more conventionally, it wouldn't have been so powerful. And good point about the perspective of the friend.