Vantage Point

Vantage Point is told through Akira Kurosawa's famous narrative style that made Roshomon a film school staple. Eight strangers with eight points of view try to unlock the truth behind an assassination attempt on the president of the United States of America.


I went into this film having read and heard every other opinion out there. As a result I had no high expectations and was only by fate that I was even in the theater chair. I sat waiting for the film to start only wanting something to entertain me for the next 90 minutes and nothing more.


As the film opens Sigourney Weaver is directing the anchors and camera men of a national news channel. We are introduced to the environment, characters, and political mood of the film. Through this segment I was actually very impressed with the style and care that was taken in creating the world of the film. I loved the intro to Dennis Quaid who plays a mentally wounded Secret Service Agent who has already taken hot lead for the President. Weaver notices him on the monitor with surprise and demands... "What is he doing back so soon? How did we not know? Get me the archive footage!" We see in the news room technician scrolling through an assassination attempt with Quaid falling into gunfire.


Since we are telling the same event through several perspectives eight times. This gets kind of old. I was digging it the first and second time but when tourist Forrest Whittaker steps up for his POV I was getting a little tired. Please no more rewinds.


Fortunately the last three perspectives were mashed together until the climatic end.


In my opinion the star of the show is Edgar Ramirez. I love this guy. He was the jewel in Domino and the grit of Bourne Ultimatum. I just love his attitude and the raw persona he always plays... But of course I was saying this about Karl Urban before Doom and Pathfinder.


It was interesting to see Mathew Fox play his typical Jack character and then halfway through take a twist. He was believable. I was digging his relationship with Quaid towards the beginning.


Dennis was what you would expect. Playing the old guy a little too hard. Sometimes pulling it off and at other times he should've toned down. I think he was really into the movie and into the role so you gotta respect that.


The car chase that was all over the trailer wasn't as hot as I expected. It was successful in showing me the frantic insanity of a high speed chase through small European streets but I just wasn't digging the stunts. I guess once you are measuring against the Bourne car chases you have a lot to live up to.


I felt this movie was as average as average can be. There are as many tired and forced moments as there are exciting and thrilling ones. The story at first glance is complicated and impressive but the more you think the more things don't make sense.


If you have nothing better to do then see Vantage Point. It has its moments and things to learn from but overall the film may not be worth the price of theater admission.

Reviewed by: shea
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martha said...
this is kinda what i expected... i'll probably get roped into seeing it because i have a ton of friends who want to see it just because "jack" is in it. but i figured it'd be a bit of a letdown.

great review.
Shea said...
Yeah that is exactly what happened to me. The roping and all.
I didn't feel like i was getting dumber or anything by watching...not a waste of time or anything.
Andy said...
I feel like this movie has been made before. I don't think I will ever see it....never ever.
Josh said...
My brother dragged me to this one, and it was pretty much what I expected it to be. It was alright, but nothing spectacular. My only real problem with it was the constant changing of view points, it started get annoying after a while. Overall it's worthy of a rental, but nothing I would say rush out and see.
Kim said...
I feel like I've seen that poster before. Get Carter, maybe?
eh, any way you slice it, the design sucks.