Fear Agent #3 The Last Goodbye

In Volume 3 of Fear Agent we finally read the origins of Heath Houston. The Last Goodbye tells the previously alluded to story of how Heath loses his family and becomes Earth's final defense, a Fear Agent.


Truck Driver Heath Huston is tired from long months on the road. He's just trying to get back to his wife, son, and father. He pulls up and we meet the family. The perfect wife and son...beautiful, smart, and loving. While playing in the yard his son and father are suddenly obliterated buy an alien air strike. Heath and his wife stumble through a warzone of warring alien races. In the nick of time they bunker down as the world explodes around them.


Staying under ground for several months the small band of humans fear radiation and disease from above. Finally in a desperate act Heath opens the hatch to find the Texas deserts covered in a nuclear winter. Before hope of a new life can even cross their minds we realize the fight is far from over. Human survivors are scattered across the globe, caught between a war of alien races, humans are the collateral damage.


Most people seem to be raving about this edition. I'm gonna have to say it was good but not great. I guess maybe I didn't want all the detail given on Houston's past. I like it being legend or myth instead of actually seeing it on the pages.


I think I'll always enjoy reading this series. Between Huston's inner monologues and the beautiful artwork, it's never a waste of time. Although the story has definitely lost its thrill from Volume 1 or maybe that was my excitement from a new type of comic. I still have high hopes and expectations but the series seems to be slowly slipping into the average read.

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