Fear Agent #2 My War

If reviving old fashioned space adventures is the intention of writer Rick Remender, then he is doing so with style and originality. Fear Agent uses the rocket ships and weapons from a 40's sci-fi pulp but you won't read too many pages before realizing it's the character that brings life to the story. Heath Houston, a foul mouthed, cut throat, alcoholic Texan revamps a genre that has been lost from our generation.


Picking up where volume one left off Heath has traveled back in time to battle an army of robots. These aren't just any robots. They used to be a species of highly respected aliens. In a quest to become immortal the aliens have taken their brains and placed them within a robots body. Interesting concept that is actually a lot more involved then I've described.


In destroying these alien robots Heath will have saved Earth from its future destruction. In doing so Heath is arrested but The Keepers and charged with crimes against the known universe. Heath is given a life sentence and forced to share a cell with some very rough characters.


Heath's prison segment is probably the best part of volume 2. Prior to, the story is sometimes confusing with a mash of past, present, and future plots. The Heath on trial panels bring no new life and offer plot fills that leave your eye brow raised and fingers scratching. Once inside the prison cells we experience a new Heath. One of pure rage and desperation. A Heath who succumbs to more than just alcohol. From here forth the story goes dark and the fate of characters grim.


The entertaining thing about Heath is that no matter how hard he falls or how much he bleeds he'll always get back up. In one scene of the comic he's basically disemboweled and dropped into an alien ocean. He floats quietly to the bottom as we live within his final inner monologue. As always fate finds a way and Heath lives to fight another day. It's ironic to me because in many of the inside Heath's head moments the character battles with God. Making deals, begging, or screaming that God owes him a break. It seems that nothing ever goes as Heath would like but somehow the hero always lives on if not barely by the hair of his chinny chin chin.


Another thing I love about Fear Agent is the visuals. Beautiful artwork with an amazing cinematic feel. The entire story plays out more like a movie then a comic book.


Maybe loosing a little of the excitement found in a fresh edition Volume 1 but still enough edge and originality to keep the pages turning.

Reviewed by: shea
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Andy said...
I love that giant, big brained jelly fish. Maybe I will check this series out after SPAWN