Fables #8 Wolves

Volume 8 of the series sends the reader on a quest to find the exiled Bigby Wolf, formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf from our childish stories of old. He'll huff and he'll puff...you know the one.


Mayor Prince Charming has hired no other than Mowgli from the Jungle book stories to find our lost hero. What better person to track a wolf than a man who was once raised by wolves.


The first story arc follows Mowgli on his adventure across the world. Like a ghost Bigby slips through the realms with ease and almost no detection. Mowgli decides it's time to stop searching through the mundies but through the wolves.


Where is Bigby? Will Mowgli ever be able to catch him? Even if he does find Bigby, how will he ever convince the wolf to come back to the community that so eagerly banished him?


Later revealed Prince Charming is willing to make a deal with Bigby as long as he completes a "do or die" mission against the adversary.


This volume is an important one to the series. We finally bring back one of the better characters that had been banished though the last several volumes. Not only do we bring him back but we bring him back with a BANG that the Adversary will not so easily forget.


Also in this volume we move deeper into the role that the top secret Cinderella plays as she negotiates a treaty with the cloud kingdoms.


Will Bigby and Snow white be together forever? Will their werewolf children ever get to meet their father? Will Mowgli ever free his old friend Baghera? And most importantly how will the Adversary respond to the offensive taken against his massive armies.


Great volume. Definitely not the best but possibly one of the most important.

Reviewed by: shea
3 Comment(s)
Andy said...
Yeah this one is definitely setting up some stuff. Is that what your cover looks like? Mine is different...different = not as cool.
Paul said...
Loved it. Very cool to see Prince Charming continue to surprise us (remember his duel with Blue Beard?). If Bigby is impressed...so am I.
Paul said...
I think we can also assume Bigby and Snow's litter will play a key role in taking back the homelands.