New Avengers, The vol. 1 Breakout
I personally am not a huge fan of super hero comics. Well except for Batman obviously. Especially in the hands of Miller or Sale The Dark Knight dances along the fences of noir detective and superhero.

When this comic was handed to me almost two months ago I knew it was going to take so mind shifting effort for me to even open the cover.

The story begins with an ugly super villain prison break releasing once again 42 nasty hard caught murders, rapists, and super powered serial killers into our city streets.

Battling through the ruins of the prison an unlikely band of heroes appears on the scene soon to form an alliance that only recently had been broken.

Former Avengers Captain America and Iron Man know the significance of a banded group of heroes, especially at a time like this. Spiderman, Spider-Woman, and Luke Cage quickly join the group.

With Iron Man's money and Captain America's leadership the group quickly moves on the case traveling to The Savage Land in search of clues to how the prisoners escaped. Within the creature filled jungles we run into Wolverine who reluctantly joins...especially after Spider-Woman kicks his a$$.

Volume 1 sets up the crew and the problem beautifully. A super villain breakout? I can read that all day long. The art work is crisp, clean, and brightly colored. Beautiful comic proportions and exaggerations. The frames flow together like a movie.

The characters are well developed and three dimensional. Captain America and Iron Man's friendship is endearing while Spider-Woman beautiful and not to be trusted. Spiderman is dealing with the issues of a team and of course we know where Wolverine stands in the department.

In this series Logan takes a freaking truck load of beatings...definitely more than any of the other characters. I brought this to the attention of my comic store buddy and he laughs. "What else is Wolverine good for except a good beating. It's why he was created. Takes a beating and keeps on slicing." I guess this is true. If I was pretty much invincible I guess wouldn't stop to think of the consequences before diving into the action.

Luke cage was the most interesting choice for The New Avengers but definitely a great choice. I've never really read or heard much about this character save for a few video games but its definitely been a treat to get acquainted.

I regret my hesitation before jumping into this series. I enjoyed every page and could have possible found a new love in a series and new found taste for a genre.
Reviewed by: shea