I Killed Adolf Hitler
In the silent world of floppy eared dogs, clumsy bears, and near sighted crows the mysterious Norwegian indie-comic writer, Jason, takes us on a bent time-travel yarn in which a hit man from the future goes back to 1938 to try to cut Hitler's career short.

As with most of Jason's comics the stories are silent, subtle tales of love, woe, and sci-fi. Each panel is simple with not a frame spared or dialogue bubble to waste.

Most of Jason's characters are bored lonely animals who live out their empty lives staring at their broken faces in a mirror or at the bottom of a bottle. But something always comes along and forces the characters to action.

Within the 48 pages a hit man is bored with life and numb from death as he is constantly being hired to cap person after person who maybe too loud, overbearing, or just plain annoying. One fateful day routine is derailed when our hero is hired by a scientist to go back in time and kill Adolf Hitler. The time machine takes 50 years to charge so our protagonist has only one chance. Every things goes wrong and somehow Hitler ends up in present day.

Through the twists and turns Jason solves our heroes problems with subtle emotion and symbolic action. A great first book for giving Jason the try he deserves.
Reviewed by: shea
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martha said...
sounds intriguing
Shea said...
Ooooooo it is...it is. Jason is one of the best comic writers out there right now. At least in the independent genre.