Fair Haired Child, The
Tara, is your typical high school outcast. Bumped in the halls, laughed at the chalk board, and one who dreams of things beyond the four walls of a school house.

While riding her bike home Tara is kidnapped and thrown into a deep basement pit. Slowly she begins to realize her unbelievable fate from markings and scratchings on the walls. She is to be offered as a sacrifice to a terrible monster to fulfill a pact made with the forces of evil.

William Malone's contribution to the Master's of Horror series, Fair Haired Child's creepy DVD cover is the original snare for many seeking an exciting thrill ride. Boldly showing the appearance of the creature, I had no choice but to give this movie a try.

The first 30 minutes of the film is borderline flawless. The cinematography was excellent, the direction thoughtful, and the pace building. I was beginning to doubt all the claims about Masters of Horror being for the birds. Have they missed this "so far so good" episode?

As the film marches on and the main actress starts talking I begin to feel the slip into suckiness. Tara begins to drive me crazy with her outer monologue and obvious exclamations.

Lori Petty playing one of the kidnappers was a huge and almost pleasant surprise. I hadn't seen or heard form her since In The Army Now. As always her stoic and unusual beauty was interesting enough for the film. Her short hair and pale narrow face was perfect for the role. Her dialog though was read as if she responding to Pauly Shore.

The creature was cool in concept. They tried real hard to be different and that is obvious and note worthy. With the popular jerky stop motion movements the creature is cool for about the first 2 minutes before quickly getting tired and uninteresting.

I would say the writing is the films weak point. As written above the film starts off great but as the story builds we lose all momentum and interest. A cool baseline but a forced follow through.
Reviewed by: shea
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ANDY said...
It was like a bad episode of Amazing Stories or something....so weak. The creature was kinda cool but like you said grew old. It didnt do anything but jerk around. But I did like the quick scene of it feasting on the innards....mmmmm innards. The acting was laughable. The worst scenes were with the girl in the basement running around scared "ahhhhh" Ahhhhh" "Help me"....terrible. Thankfully GOodfellas was there to push this one out of my mind.