Mean Creek
Sam has been bullied. Punched in the eye for touching Fat Tooney's video camera. This hasn't been the first time or only person to experience the bully's fist. Finally the kids have had enough.

When Sam tells his defensive older brother "the big kids" begin to scheme a plan. This bully is going down...literally. The plan goes south, things get out of control, and Fat Tooney is floating like drift wooddown the creek. Now the kids face a problem greater than fifty flinging fisted bullys.

Maybe it's any movie involving kids in mature situations but it had the tone of "Stand By Me". That dirty small town feel where kids run parentless through the streets, smoking, drinking, and staying out too late. There's also that hierarchy of kiddom. The middle children who dabble in the things before their time, the abusive parents or viscous older siblings, and at the bottom we have the innocents who are finally faced with the sins of the world.

Rory Culkin and Trevor Morgan are the biggest names of the bunch. Both did a great job. My personal favorite was the solo princess of Mean Creek, Carly Schroeder. Her character had no clue of the prank and was tagging along to be with Sam who promised a suprise. Little did she know it was the surprise of a lifetime.

The camera was average. It had the handheld video feel. The camera never steady, constantly shifting, always moving. There was also the element of fat Tooney's video camera that plays a significantly role in the cinematography and story.

Ultimately Mean Creek is a depressing one. A movie that delves into the facets of people and why they are the way they are. Instantly you feel sorry for the bully. You never hate him. You see the kid has problems. Fat, clumsy, just wanting friends. The kid is not right in the head. He wants great things in his life but he can't even make a friend. The result is a very aggressive defensive nature. If Fat Tooney feels cornered or manipulated he erupts.

Innocent Sam feels this but doesn't know it. He gets caught up in the excitement of getting Tooney back for his bruised face. As the prank is near climax Sam tries to call it off but the older kids will not be moved. As you feel the impending humiliation you feel more and more for Fat Tooney. As it all goes down and everything falls apart you feel empty, dirty, guilty for every time you've hated someone.

I would say this is the films biggest accomplishment. Mean Creek creates an emotional rollercoaster that causes you to actually feel for the characters.

Its flaws can be found in technical issues such as poor audio or an underdeveloped world for the kids.

Over all it's a decent flick that pushes just the right emotional buttons. Mean Creek leaves you affected and thinking.
Reviewed by: shea
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Squib said...
Yeah. You definitely feel for the bully. I thought is was an ok movie. It makes you imagine the frenzied helplessness you would feel if you accidentally killed someone.