Fables #6 Homelands

Volume 6 of Fables starts out with the story of where Jack has disappeared to since the last couple of comics. Evidently the trickster has run off to Hollywood with some of the Fable community's stolen money. He's been making ambitious investments into the entertainment industry exploiting his hidden knowledge into the world of fantasy. The story is told through the perspectives of the humans(mundies) who interact with Jack.

At this point in the series I'm beginning to get a little tired. The story is on the verge of getting old and ultimately I don't care very much for Jack's character. On top of that a lot of my favorite characters have disappeared, been killed, or taken a back seat to the story.

But just as these treacherous thoughts pass through my mind the series kicks it into high gear with Boy Blue and his quest back into the Homelands. Blue slashes his way through his abandoned world with stolen magic sword and cloak in search of his lost love Red Riding Hood. Assassinating the Adversary's governors and butchering his patrols our hero makes it to the throne of the evil emperor himself. Here we learn the true identity of The Adversary and how everything began.

This new twist on the Fables Universe has renewed my love for the series. Things have picked back up and the story once again captivates me with new perspectives, new heroes, and new dangers.

Reviewed by: shea
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Paul said...
Loved it. While there was no Snow or Bigby, it was great to see some cool story lines of other characters, particulary with the greater story arc of the homelands and the adversary.

I actually LIKED the part about Jack. Less interesting of course, but cool to see how he used his cunning, we learn more about the laws of the fables, and we get to see Beast start coming into his own a little bit as sheriff.

Lot of respect for Boy Blue, I'd imagine Bigby could use a "man" like that in the future.
Andy said...
I hated the Jack story. Maybe it is setting something up or maybe it was just a waste of my time. But I agree with you about Boy Blue. Glad he turned into more than a whiney pretty boy. But I guess we got a glimpse of that in the flashbacks to the war.